and I’m back

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That 3 week long cold seriously kicked my ASS! I did still make it to all of JS’s classes, but missed ALL of KM’s classes. I barely did any practice aside from this accept twice with my practice buddy, as well as 5 minutes here and there.

Saturday I went for KM’s Bagua class. I will most likely give these up after December 12th, but at least wanted to complete my favorite class with her. Then I did 43 minutes of circle walking on the church grounds after class. The new for health awesome type that JS taught me.

I then had my Zhaquan class, and found it amazing how little strength I had after not practicing for 3 weeks. Or perhaps it was my cold which left me barely able to even do a bow stance. I did manage to complete the class though.

Then Sunday came around, I could not get out of bed for the sword class I wanted to attend, the cold that vanished Saturday came back extra strong on Sunday! Sunday’s class was the most difficult class I have ever taken. Aside from just not “getting” anything during class, I felt so very weak from being sick and out in the cold. I could barely hold up my arms for the search hands stuff. I did manage to finish the what I think was a 2 hour class though. If it has kept going I may have had to leave early.

Now for Monday, I’m back to practicing again. I find that if I go anywhere really cold, even indoors I feel 10x worse all of a sudden, so I’m trying to avoid the cold… so no practicing in the kitchen when I have the windows open!

I so far did 30 arm circles each arm, each direction.

30 times whacking the door frame with each side of my palm, then palm straight forward, then back of palm, then palm forward and turned in.

Then 30 kicks each leg, toe kicks, then the higher kicks while pushing forward when kicking. I added the punch as well, but noticed that my arm just doesn’t reach as far as my foot, and that was a little confusing.

Next up is circle walking and stances, then Zhaquan. I will be missing both of KMs classes this evening.