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Some more musings about Bagua since I’m still not allowed (surgeon’s orders) to put any weight on my left foot at all. On a side note him saying I’ll be able to walk within a week seems to mean more like will be able to walk as far as the bathroom, not across town. Hey I was hoping. If I’m lucky I will be able to walk around in a circle or two, using the rolling step. I miss walking around in circles. The sitting exercises, one legged exercises and just talking about Bagua is soooo not the same!

I have been purposefully not mentioning my long term interest and practice in the esoteric side of things. The reason for this is that early on I was warned that if I talked about such things no one in the martial arts community would take me seriously. I was cautioned to keep it very quiet. Also seeing posts on various internal martial arts forums around the internet it become very clear that the esoteric side of things is most definitely not believed in and usually not welcome. Even worse the few posts I did find by esoterically minded individuals tended to go along the lines of them bragging how great and powerful and adept they were (how embarrassing to the art!)

I did however let my Bagua teacher know of my interests when I first started since I’m not the type to hide something that important from my teacher. Fortunately John is very open minded and patient. He only looks at me like I’m completely crazy once in awhile ;). He even sometimes goes so far as to explain the energy component of a certain move or technique so my overly mystical brain can “get it”. After he does this I do finally get the physical movement lol. Also my Bagua friends who know much more about such things then I do, and some who know about the same amount, are VERY open minded to such mystical practices :). Well not all of them, but most of them anyways. This has led to some very interesting conversations. The most interesting being the comparison and contrast between magic and Bagua/QiGong/Taichi.

First a bit of a history about my various esoteric practices. I started this stuff about 20-21 years ago. I first started learning through books. As you can imagine this is about as useful as learning Bagua via books! But I did learn some of the basics this way, and I did practice every single day as the books suggested (20 or so years of said daily practice is what likely led to my good Bagua practice habits). Then after about 3 years on my own I found a teacher in the arts. I studied with him most days (I’m very ambitious) and learned quite a bit. Over the years I went between being taught by a teacher and practicing on my own. During the periods time I practiced on my own I had the various spirits (invisibles) teach me. What is the use of learning to communicate with the Gods, Angels, Daemons, Fey, ancestors and so forth if you can’t ask them to teach you? 😉

I somehow lucked out and have found some of the best teachers around over the years. The ones who were definitely expert in their field and knew their stuff. The very first one was still fairly new to magic, but the others definitely had 30 plus years of daily experience under their belt. I was able to train with each teacher all day everyday sort of thing. I was strongly drawn to the art, I worked nights during some of the times, and was unemployed during another of the times, and I am terribly ambitious. My most recent teacher of 7 years however made the rest look like dabblers who don’t know much in comparison. This when I knew I had truly found the right one. It only took me 12 years.

More recently, about 18 months ago now I think, I took up some martial arts. I officially took up QiGong. I had been practicing QiGong for 2 years prior to this but had no idea it was QiGong. I’m not entirely sure if QiGong counts as martial arts or not anyways. I then did taichi and through my Taichi teacher found Bagua. Since I have started I have been practicing daily pretty much (well the days my health will allow me to get out of bed at least) for half an hour up to 3 hours). More recently (about 4 months back) I started to go deeper into the practice of Bagua with a teacher who seems especially good at that ;). This I definitely think is one of John’s best Bagua traits. Talking with him, as well as another very experienced Bagua person who is extremely open minded to my odd practices, I have recently found that there seem to be many correlations between the esoteric stuff I have been taught previously and the Bagua and QiGong world.

At first I did not realize this as I thought the Bagua at least was mostly physical, but from the beginning noticed that each Bagua technique had a very distinctive corresponding energy to it. These energies can definitely be enhanced and strengthened, and they also seem to help the technique hit harder and become more physically accurate apparently. Or so I have noticed with the feedback from my Bagua teacher.

I have also had odd mystical experiences and energies come up from my at home circle walking practice. This has been quite interesting, and even difficult at times. Some of these experiences tend to be the same or similar as what I have experienced in my esoteric practices over the years, which is what made me really wonder. Wondering if perhaps Bagua also transforms the practitioner in certain ways over time, and on many levels. I have however learned to keep such experiences to myself and not tell others, as that never tends to go over well. I most definitely look forward to exploring such things further. I feel as though Bagua is an extremely deep path.

I have discovered from my newbie perspective that Bagua is most definitely about change. It seems to bring about constant and continual change. This is useful when using it in practical fighting as you are changing your opponent and what they are doing. It is also useful on more subtle levels as you are changing the energy and direction of things. Then on a deeper level you are changing yourself. To grow first there must be change.

Bagua also seems to bring about the more solid energies which come into play. This also relates to the QiGong practices. Solid as in, hey I actually felt that. Not like this happens all the time, or ever happens when expected, more sort of randomly. I had found this with my previous QiGong work as well. Some damn good healing and so forth I figure ;).

What I find very interesting about Bagua is that all you have to do is the specific exercises and physical movements and the energetic bits just take care of themselves :). Sure you can remember the energetic component and have it a bit stronger, but in general things just work as they should. I feel fortunate I have good people to help me along this path.

I will post another blog later this evening outlining the Bagua and QiGong practices I have done today.

I completely and totally slacked today

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No excuses, I could have done some 10 minute spurts of QiGong and meditations but I didn’t. Just pure laziness :(. I’m not usually like this, not sure what’s up. I did have several distractions including 10 hours sleep last night, then a 2 hour nap today, and chatting with a couple of friends, and a nice Pakua journal which I didn’t get that far through.

I did a little temple work, but not nearly enough. I am apparently in severe slacker mode today, and will have to make up for it tomorrow.

For some odd reason my ankle hurt the entire day. I should have perhaps been taking 2 T3’s at a time instead of only one, but I would run out too fast, and it really is time to get down to a lower dose and stop taking them soon. The area where they scraped out the scar tissue has been hurting like hell though. I’m a little pessimistic about how far I will be able to walk in 36 hours from now, but I will most definitely try anyways, since boy do I miss being able to just get up and walk around!!!! I will just take it easy at first. I figure walking the first day the Dr. said it’s OK will be a good thing; I want my ankle to heal properly and not end up with scar tissue again. I will need to keep it moving.

OK the goal for tomorrow is to not slack on my QiGong nor meditation. The goal for Monday is to return to work even if I’m in pain. The Dr. said it will be fine to do so as long as I do not do ANY heavy lifting whatsoever.

Lots of right leg training and conditioning lol

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Since I’m not allowed to put ANY weight on my left leg at ALL until Monday, my right leg is getting quite the workout! I’m getting *much* better at hopping up onto things with one leg. I also have figured out how to get some momentum going on the crutches. Apparently they take some practice. I sucked terribly at crutches for the first few days. I also have gotten quite a bit better at pivoting on one foot, hopping across the kitchen, and just standing around on one foot for awhile. Since I really want this ankle to heal perfectly I’m putting a LOT of effort into following the surgeon’s orders to the letter. My one legged balance has improved drastically in only 4 days time. After I’m allowed to put weight on my left foot I will have to start very slowly conditioning that leg. I won’t be able to hop in it for a few weeks though due to the impact and weight. I still have to wait 10 more days until I can do “taichi” or anything similar. I’m guessing that might include mud walking. I really do miss mudwalking. I did try to show someone a heaven palm turnaround change thing yesterday, one footed; it was sort of funny.

I have found however if I spend more then an hour out of bed hopping around and such that my foot swells up a LOT, an that the endorphins start to kick in. Due to so much pain my entire life (from crohns) I sometimes don’t actually feel pain in a normal way, but just feel the endorphin sickness and dizziness instead. This is how it mostly went when I tore the ligament in my wrist during practice. Speaking of hands, I appear to have majority fucked up my left hand somehow. I figure it was trying to navigate crutches and so forth on the second day, while on some heavy duty painkillers. I can barely lift my cel phone with my left hand now. I have been putting dit de jao on it though, to make sure it heals quickly.

I have spent the day talking about the esoteric side of Bagua and martial arts in general. This evening I have two different friends coming over at different times. It will be a fun Friday night, and actually much more active then most of my Friday nights where all I usually do is catch up on work lol. “Wuwei” and “Lutus” will be visiting, but at different times. Both of them know what Bagua is; does talking about Bagua with them count as my daily practice? Perhaps I will do some QiGong with them…

I love my Bagua friends, you guys are great!

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Seriously! Circle walking must just inject some awesomeness into each person or something ;). My friends have all been taking such good care of me all week, I feel spoiled. Well OK so there is an Aikido friend “The One” in there was well, and one non MA friend lol. I’m giving everyone nicknames since I also talk about esoteric stuff on here and I don’t want to out anyone, also no one wants their real names used on a very public blog.

You really underestimate the difference it makes to have someone walk across the kitchen and fill up a glass of water for you and walk it back over to you until doing it yourself makes the pain 3 times worse and takes so much effort you need to rest afterwards. Fortunately each day this week has involved some very wonderful people fetching many glasses of water for me, doing store runs, and even washing dishes! I am very grateful to know each and every one of you :). It has also been quite cool since it has been a good excuse to have a different friend visit every day this week lol. Fortunately said water fetchings and chatting with me and keeping me company appears to be something they have all enjoyed as well.

Then my online Bagua friends have been awesome enough to keep me busy with Bagua discussion via chat. This really helps to keep my mind off the pain, and also keep me resting instead of making my ankle worse by trying to hop around getting stuff done. My other friends have also kept me busy on the phone. Usually I’m not in this close contact with all of my friends, but this week I think they have realized it really helps. Fortunately it’s all incoming calls so my phone company won’t benefit too much from this. It will be odd next week to go back to just hearing from someone once in awhile and only having company over once or twice per week ;).

Last night a Bagua/Taichi friend “WuWei” came over, we talked about MA, we did a little sitting Qigong, then we did some tarot readings. It was a lot of fun. We also ordered ribs in (“WuWei” bought) so I wouldn’t have to cook or do dishes. I can see that I will be gaining much weight by the time my ankle is healed lol.

I unfortunately only did 10 minutes of sitting Bagua QiGong yesterday since I was tired pretty quickly. I was going to do more in the evening, but unfortunately by then my ankle was hurting so much I had to take extra painkillers and just head to bed. I was even too tired to do my regular online chat. I will try to get more QiGong done today by doing it throughout the day in little spurts.

My friend “Lotus” came over for awhile today, and we somehow managed to keep talking for a few hours straight lol. Well I guess there isn’t all that much you can do with a sore ankle besides talking; not hiking up the mountain or anything for example. We talked about internal martial arts of course, did some tarot, some esoteric stuff, and there was some ankle healing involved. I really look forward to seeing the results of that :). The joke about OK just get up and walk now was *not* funny LOL, it takes more time then that… The best part of “Lotus'” visit however was the fact that the glasses of water would come to me each time I was thirsty instead dof me having to fight with these damn crutches to get into the kitchen, then trying to figure out how to get a glass full of water upright back to where I was sitting.

Unfortunately I don’t have any friends coming over to visit tomorrow. Hopefully I will be well enough to get some work done ;). “Byleth” will be coming over on Saturday however… I hope she brings food . She has offered to do any help around the house that I might need as well!!

This may seem perfectly normal, however when I originally broke my ankle I went for 3 days without eating because the kitchen was downstairs and the pain level was just too high to even crawl on my butt that far. This is a pleasant change ;).

The ever so elusive Qi! Also a long rant about “healers”

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I think this is the post which will make most MA folks think I’m just a loopy newager lol. But for the record, I eat newagers for breakfast ;). This post is a rather long rant about what I feel is wrong with most “healers”.

Being fully self absorbed I never thought about how others might take my blog ramblings before ;). I just ramble on for the sake of me being able to look back on this and see the changes and perhaps even progression if I’m lucky over time. Well that and I put in enough info that my teacher can tell I’m actually doing my homework. Aside from that I am actually quite surprised that over 200 people have read some of my posts. I can’t blame you guys though, I would most definitely read a post talking about sleeping on Qi as well ;).

However, a friend pointed out the other day that the first time he read my blog he was more chuckling over the fact that I thought I was actually feeling Qi ;). Apparently someone who has only been practicing Bagua for 4 months does not yet feel Qi. I guess this makes sense since for MA proper, it took me at least 4-5 months of QiGong to feel any Qi. It then took me at least that long with Taichi to start to feel Qi while practicing it, then equally that long when I started the Bagua form. However with the Cheng Bagua I felt the Qi pretty strongly right off, and I think this is due to always starting with Zhan Zhuang. I mean in my home circle walking practice.

A few years back a teacher showed me Zhan Zhuang but didn’t tell me what it was or what it is for, he just said do this everyday. It took about a month to feel the Qi, but I didn’t know it was Qi, I thought it was just another sort of energy. See I have been practicing and have been training in healing for over 20 years now, so various energies are most definitely familiar to me. Qi does feel different then some of the other healing energies I work with though.

From my spiritual practices I see this stuff you martial arts folks call Qi as useful for so much more then just healing. It seems to be ever pervasive. It also is far from the only energy in existence. I feel that some MA folks lump all energies together and just refer to this very broad spectrum as Qi. However I would personally further separate out the different energies according to shall we say density for lack of a better word. It would be sort of like someone calling all of the colours of the rainbow just colour, instead of talking about blue, purple, yellow and so forth in their own uniqueness. Then on top of Qi being perhaps a little different then various other energies in the universe, I’m sure there are different types and qualities of Qi.

However I am still very very new to working with and noticing Qi, so I could be dead wrong on the above. To me it feels as though some qi is more solid then others, some is more “sticky” then others, some more stringy, and some more healthy. I wonder if there is qi which is actually naturally unhealthy or harmful? I think I have heard of such things, and I have definitely been in places where the energy is pretty nasty, but I never spent long enough to figure out which sorts of energies in particular were present.

So if someone who has been practicing Bagua daily for only 4 months, and has been taking 3 classes per week during this time, would not normally correctly perceive Qi why would someone who has only taken some weekend workshops be able to use Qi or healing energies affectively? Think about it. However so many people (usually in the large ads plastered in magazines) will tell you otherwise.

Now when doing healing on someone, I do not tell the Qi or whatever the heck it is where to go or what to do. This is where I think most healers go wrong. First of all you NEVER use your own Qi on someone else (the way I have been taught) because you aren’t perfect. Grab some fresh Qi, or teach the patient’s Qi how to do it. It is more like you make suggestions to the energies and allow them to guide you. You also make the patient’s body aware that there is an imbalance and something needs fixing. Often just doing this will sort things out. The worst thing you can do with healing is to take a bunch of your energy and put it into another person! This is why people should NOT offer weekend workshops for healing, people take 12-50 hours of teaching, and suddenly think they are a master healer!

Think about this for a minute, how many professions can you become a professional in that little training? NONE! YOu are not a Goddamn healer after that little experience. Also in half of these workshops, the students aren’t even tested, and the teachers aren’t even perceptive enough to know who can heal and who cannot. It is more about the money. Personally I only teach certain people to heal, those who have enough talent to not fuck people up. Also those who will actually put in the practice to become good, instead of just letting their ego get in the way. On a side note for the most part I do not charge money to teach healing, since I like to be very selective about who I teach. I teach for the sake of the art, not for the cash. I have refused people offering large amounts of cash before because I thought they would do more harm then good in a particular area. In other words give the art a bad name.

While I have seen some VERY amazing things done with healing, and I have pulled off a few things which regular science (or my patient) could not explain, this does not mean all healers are good. This does not even mean 10% of healers are any good. I think healing has become something that people see and feel they can make a quick dollar doing with very little training. Even worse is when people don’t even put in the daily practice it requires to keep one’s healing skill top notch. What gives people the impression they just take a little bit of training and they are done? Would you go see a Dr. who only took a few weekend workshops? Would you go see one who was never tested for skill? How about a Dr. who didn’t spent at least an hour per day practicing his or her skill in medicine?

Yes, healing takes work folks. Of course there are natural healers, but you still have to learn control, fine tuning, what each patient can handle, how to best take care of each situation, and you have to keep your own energy clear. This takes work. People are always looking for get rich quick schemes, or how to put in as little effort as possible and still get by. Sorry but healing is NOT for these types of people. Many so called “healers” only see the person once, at some fluffy ass newage faire or something, and never see them again. How do they know what affects they had on the person? Now don’t even get me started on the whole channeling bit, where people channel what they think are great healing guides.

Most people who are healers seem to view it as a part time hobby, not something to be taken all that seriously. The reason for this, as well as the reason for healing to mostly be watered down crap these days is that it is not being properly taught, it has become more about a way for newagers to make money and think they are important, people seem to feel a little natural talent is enough to make them proficient, folks read books and suddenly think viola they are a healer, some flake writes a book about healing then some other flake writes their own book only based off the first person’s book and a few experiences.

If you are wondering why I have such strong opinions about this, I have seen many cases where said self appointed, or weekend workshop appointed healers have done more harm then good. I have also been learning and practicing healing for over 20 years. I have put in between half an hour to 4 hours per day of the foundation practices required for such things (usually more around the 1-2 hour mark) for the past 21 years. I have taken a couple of weeks to a month off about 3-4 times over this time. I’m not saying that everyone needs this level of dedication to say help someone feel a little better after some mild injury, but don’t call yourself a fucking master if you have only taken some piddly ass weekend workshops either!

Also to note, I am also not saying I’m even that amazing of a healer, I can do a few things and can help in some situations. I cannot heal all things (no one can) and there are just people I cannot work on for whatever reason. Healing is also only a very small part of what I do with the various energies and Qi of the universe. I have met healers which are FAR better then I am, and who can produce what most would think of as small miracles. But really if you are going to call yourself a healer you should be at that level. Personally I don’t call myself a healer; I say I can do some healing. I even offer to do some for friends or friends of friends sometimes.

No I do not do healing work for complete strangers. That is best left to those who have healing businesses or that sort of free time. I also do not teach healing to complete strangers, again there are many teachers out there already. Just trust me when I say I already have my plate full when it comes to finding people who I help in this way.

Rant done ;).

The sitting up in bed stance

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I talked about Bagua a lot all day lol.  Considering my ankle surgery was on Monday, I don’t feel too guilty for not having done my QiGong on Tuesday.  I just can’t seem to get up enough energy to do QiGong when I’m out of it on T3s and in pain.  I will try for some QiGong today since none was accomplished yesterday at all.

In case some weren’t aware, I have some really awesome friends!  Awesome enough that each one of them is coming over one day this week to visit me and make sure I eat :).  Even having someone go to refill my water glass for me  a few times yesterday made the day that much less painful and more enjoyable.  R also made a trip over to my butcher for me to pick up some food, then helped me to get it into the oven.  Trying to balance on crutches and put a roast in the oven at the same time is difficult.

R does Aikido, so we talked about Aikido and Bagua ;).  I also chatted with a couple of friends online about Bagua, notably Blogger6.  I did get quite a few work emails accomplished but no physical work or writing work yet unfortunately.  The day consisted mostly of a series of 45 minute to 1 hour naps.  Wednesday evening Blogger1 is going to come visit and we are having ribs!  Or perhaps cooking something up.

Last night was the first time that I could go more then 4 hours without taking another T3 dose.  Then I took one of them at 4am.  However by 7:30 am I realized 1 isn’t quite enough yet.  Perhaps by later today.  Fortunately my ankle does seem to be healing quite rapidly and right on schedule so I’m happy.

Did anyone actually read down this far?  I should include cool photos or videos or something to make this post more interesting ;).

I will be contemplating various exercises where one can do them seated.

I thought about Bagua a lot today ;), and had some ankle surgery

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If there is a good excuse for not practicing Bagua, I think I pretty much covered it lol.  My surgeon says to not walk for one week.  Crutches only.  I even had to have a friend help me up the stairs.  I was actually quite disappointed in myself for how weak my hopping up stairs on one foot was.  Needless to say any QiGong exercises done this week will NOT be downstairs in my practice space!!!!

Since I’m still recuperating from the general anesthesia and the morphene hasn’t worn off yet, I haven’t even been reading about Bagua yet.  However I have talked with a couple of people about Bagua today, does that count? 😉  Waves at blogger 1 lol.

For some odd reason it just doesn’t feel right to do qigong today.  Perhaps the medication.  I know it’s good for healing, but I feel it is not what I should do today.

I will start reading the Pakua journal tomorrow if I feel better then today :).

Stocking up on the Bagua et al since I won’t be able to walk for a week or 2!

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I didn’t go to meetup today since that always makes my ankle very sore and inflamed. I figured an inflamed ankle on the day of surgery would only complicate things. However, I did spend 3 hours total in practice today. It’s my last day before they take the steel plate out of my ankle. I’m told I can’t walk for a week, or do Taichi for 2 weeks. I didn’t bother to ask the surgeon about Bagua since well, it’s likely he has not heard of it, so I’m lumping that in with Taichi. No sparring for 6 weeks though. I’m not sure what John will do in the meantime ;). Oh right, those 10 *other* students lol. Perhaps we can do standing still search hands or something. In a couple of weeks.

So I started out the day with a bunch of QiGong, then some Taichi (but no sword, should have done some sword, but it hurts my ankle too much), then some Bagua, then some more Bagua, then some lunch :). Blogger 1 is always fun to practice with, as well as go for lunch with. I did some of the practice on my own, and some with her. Like I said I was stocking up. There was half an hour of mud walking with the palms. Some of that balance slow mud walking, some showing blogger 1 some neato Bagua stuff, some comparing Taichi notes with Bagua 1 (who knows a buttload about Taichi), and QiGong to keep warm at bus stops and such.  You know the local transit system sucks when you get an hour of QiGong in throughout the day!

I was able to get my dantien a bit more involved today.
I wonder if the surgeon will wonder about the bruises? He does know I do martial arts though.
I had some fun doing some fast mud walking as a side practice.
I walked around and did search hands with a pole in the park today.
Does *talking* about Bagua count as practice? If so I will be getting a LOT of practice in this upcoming week. I also have every single back issue of the Pakua journal ready to be read while I can’t walk.

I know my blog isn’t very inspiring today, I’m still a little tired from today and yesterday, and the day befores practice. I think much more napping is needed ;).

There is nothing as humbling as having your ass kicked with your teacher only using one hand!

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I used to think I was half decent at fighting since I could defend against half of the guys who attacked me, and usually have them end up on the ground. However this is not a large number at all. Then I started up Bagua and realized, no actually I quite suck at fighting lol. Then this evening, it was confirmed just exactly how terribly I suck at fighting LOL. John decided he would only use one hand in our search hands and I was allowed to use two. I still had one hell of a time getting *any* strikes in at all! Not only that, I sure the hell could not get behind him with footwork at all. I think it is perhaps easier to get behind your opponent when your opponent isn’t extremely good at Bagua footwork. I got a few hits in, and he got a few dozen in LOL. It is sort of fun doing search hands with someone that experienced though, I feel I learn a lot. Sort of like playing chess with someone who is so much better then you are.

I noticed that with his arm work, and footwork John was able to keep me at a good distance, enough of a distance so I could not grab his body with one hand and his arm with the other. I could only grab arms at most. However he shortened the distance just fine when he needed to. I also couldn’t get behind him at all, or a trip in edgewise. I will be working on this, and perhaps watching a few videos to learn some tricks *g*.

For the circle walking portion of the class, my balance is a LOT better then it was even two weeks ago, so I’m quite happy. I also am getting the lion palm down a lot better; I always feel like a pretzel during this one.

We started the class walking around poles, doing search hands with the metal poles. At least the pole didn’t kick my ass! I didn’t get too terribly dizzy, and think I got the whole make the contact as light as I can bit.

It was a fun class, and again one of my favorites since it was at my favorite outdoor local location, which to me just seems to have the perfect energy for Bagua. Perhaps that is because I practice there a lot. I also have very good memories of every single class we have done there. Unfortunately there won’t be any more Saturday classes for a time, which is very unfortunate, and I will miss them. The Saturday classes were different in some way; perhaps John prefers training outdoors.

Some late night mud walking and QiGong

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It’s more difficult to come up with interesting titles this late at night.  I was quite tired this evening due to running around doing chores earlier and cheating on my diet and having rice.  Summary: 50 minutes of mud walking and mountainous wave walkinng; 5 minutes of empty stance; 5 minutes of sensing the energies sitting meditation; 10 minutes of various QiGong (20 minutes if we count earlier today as well).  Total practice time: 1 hour 10-20 minutes.

I was completely exhausted, but I don’t like to use that as an excuse to not circle walk, so I just waited until late at night when I had recuperated from my daytime activities.  I started with the 5 minutes of the empty stance, it felt actually quite full and not empty at all ;).  Perhaps I was doing it wrong, but it seemed like it worked well.  Then I did the very slow circle walking with all 8 palms.  I felt as though I was going to collapse at about the 3rd or 4th palm, but took a very short water break, then kept going.  After I was done the palms, I video taped myself using my cel phone, doing the very last (and my favorite) palm.  I watched the videos afterwards and now realize how absolutely terrible my posture is while circle walking.  I will work more on this.  I will post the video once I find some adequate video editing software.  Or perhaps I will just try to record a better version tomorrow night wearing lighter clothing so you can actually see what I’m doing.

Since I was a bit exhausted I had a very difficult time balancing on one foot, and thus didn’t do much of the low circle walking at all.  I finished up with some wave walking.

Then I did the sitting meditation where I look for and watch my energy.  Tonight the energy started out in my feet and knees, as well as hands and forearms.  It didn’t start with just my hands and feet today.  Then it came up over my entire body and I felt this physically fuzzy sensation all around the entire outside of my body.

To end I did my QiGong exercises and they went well, not as well as last night, but still quite well.  I think the orbital QiGong gets a little better each day, while the hands passing over each other one gets better in jumps.

I focused a LOT on making sure I was twisted into the center of the circle and looking inwards.  I realized that I no longer look at the ground when I circle walk at home anyways.  I only remembered to keep my anus up half the time, since I was so focused on many other things such as my hips going up being moved by my abdomen, twisting inwards, my poster, neck up, dantien involved, and so forth.

I feel a bit of spiraling energy still with me afterwards now, and realize I should have done that looking far away thing, oops.