Heaven is extremely heavy! Well that or I just have weak shoulders…

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Unfortunately I think it’s the latter. The heaven palm makes my shoulders and arms feel very much like they are going to fall off, very early on even. So I spent the evening practicing the heaven palm turn around. Not that I have it memorized or anything (thought I should say that since I will most likely forget it during class tomorrow). I figure all the heaven palm practice will help strengthen my very weak shoulders eventually. It hasn’t seemed to have helped yet, but then again I don’t generally spend half an hour doing nothing but the heaven palm either. I probably should, due to my arms and shoulders being so weak in that position. It is most definitely the most difficult palm for me to hold due to the pain.

On a side note, I appear to have a cold or flu or something horrible which saps my energy, gives me a sore throat and makes all my muscles hurt even more then Bagua does. Yeah I know John doesn’t believe in colds; so perhaps he can inform my cold/flu of the fact it doesn’t exist :P.

I think I should take up knitting instead…

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well accept that I suck at knitting even more then I suck at Bagua lol. My poor friend who tried to teach me to knit before, it did not go well.

Today’s Bagua class felt like that trying to learn how to knit experience. First off my circle walking sucked in new and creative ways. Then I come to find I’ve been doing it wrong this entire time! Well crap! So I worked on correcting it, to the best of my ability. As per usual, the second John was present, I completely forgot all the turn arounds. I’m not entirely sure how that works, I have no problem (usually) remembering them when I practice at home, at bus stops and so forth. I’m pretty sure John is thoroughly convinced I never practice now. At least he is patient about it and is nice enough not to say anything.

I also found out today that I have the weakest shins in the history of all shins. How John can make my shins hurt with the back of his calf is seriously beyond me! I have Muay Tai friends who toughen their shins up by smacking them against trees. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet :P.

Then came search hands. I believe that I get worse at this each and every week, this week being particularly dreadful. I have never been put in so many arm bars in such a short period of time ever lol. I did eventually get the point and stopped bending my elbow though. I missed so many of John’s strikes it wasn’t funny; I mean about 3 times more then usual, and only got one in on him. Somehow John managed to feel and block every single idea I came up with for something, I must have been extra obvious today. I could at least see many of his coming, but couldn’t feel them coming.

Perhaps knitting would be a good hobby.

John did say that at least everyone was making the same circle walking mistake I do, and that I’m getting better at it, so he can now correct me more. He also said I’m getting better at search hands, however I’m not entirely sure I believe him on that one.

I would really like to be able to get up to an energy level of being able to do Bagua classes *and* put in a decent amount of Bagua practice each week. It’s been affecting my work lately, as in I’ve been way too trashed to get enough work done lately since I’ve increased my Bagua practice a bit.

Only 12 days left of the 100 day challenge, so I definitely can’t take up knitting instead for at least 12 more days ;).

My damn ankle needs to become flexible NOW

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OK seriously, it’s been 2 months since the surgery. However when I circle walk and actually try to go low at all, it hurts like hell. Also when I lower both knees, I have a 6″ difference between my right and left knees. This is seriously cramping my Bagua style :P.

I did circle walking, but did not do the other seven palms and turn arounds, yeah I’m a slacker :P. I did do some of that Bagua qigong stuff though.

Now I’m really really tired after all that practice, and everything seems to hurt. I’m always tired on Mondays after the Sunday meetup though. At least these days my health is good enough I don’t need to take Mondays off of practice :).

Meetup video 1 now up

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This is a three part series (it would be one part if I could learn to use the video editor better), parts 2 and 3 will be uploaded later.

meetup march 27th 2011

If those were real posts I would have fallen to my death, many times

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So today during meetup, John decided he would draw circles on the ground, nine of them to be precise. These circles were to represent posts since well we just didn’t have 6 foot high posts for us to all use to practice on. I’m pretty sure if we had access to some tall posts we would have used them instead, however we did not, simply because John just won’t make a trip to Robert Burnaby park in the middle of the night with his saw ;). Yang Gao Tai would have been soooo disappointed lol.

So chalk circles it was. I tried as hard as I could to stay within the circles since I fully intend to make posts to walk on, short ones though. The whole 2 feet on the same post at the same time bits confused the hell out of me, since said posts aren’t very large. I used the circle John made, which was a bit large for my natural stepping. However I did this purposefully so that I could stretch out my yet to be healed ankle.

I took videos of this class, so my crappy pole walking attempts are forever preserved in digital format. As you can tell I was more focused on the stepping on the “poles” them correct mudwalking, oops.

Actually the video will be up tonight or tomorrow, still editing. Now I know why John is taking awhile to edit the 100 day vids, it’s a lot of work, or at least for me who is new to the video editing and this software.

No Bagua today

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I napped instead. Well that and I also went fabric shopping with Blogger1. Had to look at every single bit of fabric in the store to find some good matching ones to make the perfect jacket, top, and bicycle outfits. Found some nice bamboo fabric to use for the bike outfit ;).

We did however do some circle walking at the Marine Drive skytrain station platform while waiting for the skytrain, then some more at the bus stop.

John just won’t put out….

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the next video! We haven’t had a video in SEVEN WEEKS!!!! Some of the other bloggers (who shall remain unamed) are threatening no new blog posts until John is forthcoming with said videos!! We only have 2 weeks of the 100 day challenge left, I think I’ll make it… however another video or two would most definitely help with the motivation. Perhaps us bloggers can start making topic requests for videos:

1. Pole walking on top of 6 foot tall poles
2. How to obtain poles from your local park in the middle of the night
3. Every single method of Bagua QiGong John knows
4. Circle walking on bricks
5. Instructions for making one’s own bricks or cement posts
6. Circle walking on scaffolding 😉
7. A four hour long circle walking video just to show it really can be done
8. That nifty walking where it looks as though the person is floating around the ground, with complete instructions about how it’s done
9. The newbies guide to the Zhaquan triple in the air kick sequence

However, I’m still blogging for all 100 days, even though watching video number 5 is getting a little old LOL.

I started the day doing a healing ritual with a friend of mine. We raised quite a bit of energy and I felt the ritual went quite well. It definitely helped to put me in the mood for some good Bagua circle walking!

Then I met with Blogger1 and we practiced in the sun in a park near her house. Fortunately this time there were not any drunk men laughing at us, as we had during previous practice sessions. I focused on mud walking and the palms and turnarounds since I don’t have them memorized well enough. I was using a square for reference before in class, but now it is being switched to doing the change along the circle, using markers as a reference. It seems as though I have to re-learn one of them. It’s definitely good (for John) that I pay him by the hour and not the technique or he would go broke! lol I was able to put more effort into the walking today then before. I think my health is improving slightly. However by the end of practice every single muscle in my legs was stiff and sore, even muscles I wasn’t entirely aware I had.

After practice (we did it the right way around this time) we went for dinner at that super yummy chinese vegan restaurant. As per usual, it was yummy! 🙂

Afterwards we came back to blogger1’s for some hot tea. Boy did that hit the spot since I got a bit chilled from practice. She still had her bricks setup, and of course I couldn’t resist walking on them for awhile :). I focused on balance, since for me at this point, I feel that is what they are best for. I did not try any fancy turning around on bricks since it was late at night, I was quite tired, and I would likely have fallen over lol.

Some more Bagua, can’t do turnarounds on bricks :(

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the turning around on bricks experiment failed miserably :(. I just can’t stand sideways on the bricks without falling over. Perhaps this would be doable with shoes on, I’m not so sure though. What John showed me was for posts actually, and we were adapting it for bricks. I might look into making some of those round stepping stone type brick things that you see in people’s front walk. Or perhaps I can get some nicely chopped stumps ;). Of course in the meantime I will keep trying to see if there is a way to do it on bricks, since it is sort of fun to try to figure it out. Also, with what he showed me today, the beginners version requires a 9th brick for the center, which I did not think to obtain, oops! The advanced version he showed I don’t think would be doable on rectangle bricks.

I was extremely wobbly during my circle walking this evening. I think perhaps I shouldn’t have done that extra hour of practice today. I think I was overdoing it. I mean wobbly even without the bricks. Due to this I focused on balance a lot.

The sitting meditation with my arms out to my sites was extremely intense this evening, and was quite indescribable actually, accept for I could feel my energy body moving around, and it also felt as though myself and the air around me intermingled in bits… uh yeah that makes sense, not lol.

Bagua is so awesome; I wish I had a memory

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After hurting my knee yesterday, my energy and mood was all screwed up today. I had a shitty day. I had a friend over, and he was having an off day as well. Wonderful lol. Fortunately I had a Bagua class planned, and I would say those go really well at least 90-95% of the time! 🙂 I was really looking forward to class, although I was a little trepidatious due to my sore knee. Fortunately I think John could tell it was sore and had me stop from time to time to explain something; I was very grateful for the stops.

When I’m having a bad day, my usual bad memory completely goes to hell. I had somehow managed to forget every single thing that John had taught me on Tuesday, only 2 days ago! I had actually practiced it, but not nearly enough. John asked me if I had practiced the turn arounds, uhm, not so much. Well I had actually, but not nearly enough. Fortunately I remembered them as soon as he showed me.

We did the circle walking on a circle drawn out in the sand/gravel area. Then after a bit we got onto the conversation of brick walking. He then proceeded to show me how I would do the turn arounds on bricks! 🙂 I think John had secretly (or not so secretly) discovered a way to motivate me to practice my turn arounds with the different palms more LOL. I have this bad habit of only doing the collapsing palm but not the others. So I will try the turn arounds on the bricks, instead of just on marks in the ground like we made. Well that or I can go to Robert Burnaby park, cut down some trees and make my own posts to walk on *grin*. What, isn’t that traditional? I think I like bricks better since they are rectangular, and thus foot shaped.

Then there was the heaven palm, and he told me to focus on my middle dantien for that one, which was pretty neat and seemed to make sense. Apparently I “got” it. Hey tell me to focus on anything even slightly esoteric and I’ll pick it up right away. I love it when he adds that stuff to the lessons :).

Then it was search hands, where he showed me how to do it better without the other person being able to feel me as much. He also showed me some nifty new techniques that I’m not entirely sure I remember now. What I like most about the free form partner work is that I can see and feel all the stuff John uses on me, then use the same things on him, and thus other people if need be.

It is unfortunate the lessons are only an hour long, I could do all that for twice as long happily. Oh wait, that is what I’m supposed to do when I get home!

Falling hurts :(

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I sooo need to learn to roll properly. This one crazy ass friend of mine has most definitely suggested rolling and falling practice. He even went so far as to suggest I practice at home, first from sitting, then squatting low, then higher and so forth. My back is not happy with such practices. Well apparently any rolling practice I’ve done has been not so useful, since I fell and hurt my knee today. Apparently practicing at home and it kicking in when I actually fall don’t seem to coincide. Ouch.

Practiced Bagua today. I no longer get any nifty energy stuff or mystical experiences, darn. Also practiced QiGong today. I won’t say how long for since I don’t think I’m any better at circle walking or qigong.