A halloween run ;)

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Usually I don’t do much the day after meetup since they are so tiring. However I have a race coming up, so I’m trying to run a bit more then usual. I walked for 20 minutes down to the race track. Then I ran for 40 minutes. Due to having the meetup the day before, I was a little weaker then usual, and had to walk more then usual each time around. It took me about 4 minutes per 400 meters instead of my usual 3 minutes. I also was only able to run for 40 minutes instead of my usual hour.

So then I went to the gym and lifted these heavy weights they had laying around, a bunch of times, for nearly an hour. I was tired out much quicker then usual and only did 2-3 reps on the machines instead of my usual 3-4. I did mostly arms only, since my legs have most definitely been getting their workout.

I have noticed my body is always overall weaker on the day after meetup. My health still isn’t up to the 2.5-3 hours of Bagua plus an hour of bikeriding there and back… yet. I was also exhausted yesterday for some reason, and had a lot of trouble with the circle walking portion of the meetup.

I have some circle walking scheduled for this evening ;).

Class sucked

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Class was good till I got paired up with someone who seems to not bother trying to not hurt the other person :P. Fortunately the teacher quickly paired me up with someone else. He kept trying a technique, I kept getting out of it, so he just kept doing it again and reaming harder. Boy do I love “search hands”.

Fortunately I think it’s highly unlikely John reads my blog.

Well I can do weight training to get my arms stronger, but I have no idea how I can get better at not getting hit or pulled too strongly by others. Just training Bagua in class and meetups doesn’t work, because they are also training and getting stronger. Perhaps a practice partner, however I’m such a newbie I can’t find anyone who wants to train with me unfortunately.

Too bad you can’t train for better blocking and getting out of stuff with solo practice….

I hate martial arts some weeks

A day off! ;)

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All I did today was walk around a bit. I also had a healthy meal with Blogger1. I had invited blogger1 to come with me to my favorite sports supplements store with me. It being my favorite since the product the owner suggested for me 2 weeks ago I actually found useful. Yes, it is that rare to find someone who is both knowledgeable and who isn’t just trying to sell you a heap of products. So I highly recommend Popeye’s supplements on Broadway. I had been quite disenchanted with the crappy ass moderately useless (for me) in comparison vega sport mixes. I have no idea how that Brandon guy runs marathons on that stuff! Perhaps he’s sneaking in some real supplements and food when no one is looking ;).

Since we were the only customers in the store we got to ask more questions then usual…. poor guy… ROFL. Apparently my gatorade diet is far from optimal :(. He didn’t even recommend the excellerade I’d been eying up (yeah it’s rare someone more concerned about my health then making $50). I’m not so sure I like this water only idea. How am I going to make it up the grouse grind without gatorade? There are those nasty tasting electrolyte tablets, but unfortunately all the brands I’ve seen so far have artificial sweeteners in them. WHY oh WHY does everyone have such a problem with sugar? OK I get that it’s not good for you, but it can’t be half as bad as that other crap.

We had asked about weight loss options, straight up whey powder was recommended for me (the other products had an artificial sweetener or gluten in them), and my friend went home with some milk chocolate meal replacement stuff. I think I got the boring end of the deal here LOL. We did get to try some samples of the milk chocolate meal replacement stuff. Would it not be considered a diet option if you have 4-5 glasses of it per day? 😉 I think it might go good with some Bailys, or perhaps a little Frangelico….

I also got a lifetime supply of argenine/ornathine. I’m happy to have finally found it locally. I’ve been taking it off and on for about 20 years now, and finding it in Canada has been more then difficult. I used to have to go to the US to buy it.

Then we went shopping and headed back to blogger1’s house to cook up the recommended meal, recommended by the weightlifter dude at the store who couldn’t have had more then 1% fat on him, and enough muscles for a dozen people…. So steak, salad and one potato it was.

It’s funny how everyone offers different advice on what to eat and what not to. Most people say red meat is evil, don’t eat it, or in very low quantities only. However I’ve noticed for myself my health and energy is best if I stick with meat and beans mostly, along with fruit and vegetables. I think our diets are 90% grains usually so people can save money and be lazy.

Oh that snow was sooo cold!

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I was going to take the day off the hike up the mountain today and just do some circle walking at home instead. However I found out that this was the last weekend that trail would be open. They close it each season after the snow comes. So I had to do my one last hike. There will be the snowshoe version of the hike coming soon, but I have to find out if I even *like* snowshoeing!

Well there was snow in patches from the 3/4 mark on up. I had worn my vibram fivefingers, so my poor toes were frozen!!! At the very top was a few inches of snow I had to walk through. Was a bit slippery as well. The important part is that I made it up, and my toes defrosted after 15 minutes. I had a giant bowl of Pho soup to stock back up on my carbs. I didn’t bring any sports gels with me this time, and it definitely felt like my body was missing some fuel this week.

On a side note, my arms aren’t too terribly sore from yesterdays moving weights here and there. If they aren’t too bad tomorrow I will head back to the gym. Since I have worked on my arms lifting heavy weights in many months, I’m taking it easy on them. My legs are used to various forms of torture, but my arms aren’t built up to endure exercise yet.

Couldn’t leave my arms out of the torture!

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My legs are done, and I’m likely going on the grousegrind tomorrow, so it was time to catch my arms up. I have always had terribly weak arms, weak as in can only lift 40-50lbs. Well OK 60 if it’s my suitcase, but that’s it. It wasn’t making sense that I’m doing all this running, grouse grinding, and bikeriding, but nothing for my arms! Since kayaking season is over, I decided instead to move some heavy weights around. See they leave all these weights laying around the gym, and expect us to pick them up and put them back down over and over again!

I also have terribly weak shoulders (can we say multiple torn ligaments? Don’t ask). So I’m hoping I can also strengthen my shoulders. My shoulders are so weak that the heaven palm is seriously painful. Last night I couldn’t even do the palm with one hand forward and the other behind your back, because my left arm would not go behind my back…. This shall be rectified.

I spent an hour at the gym working on arms only, since as I said, my legs are done. I’m sure my poor innocent arms will hurt tomorrow, but that is ok, they don’t need to do anything along the grouse grind besides lift the hose from my hydration pack to my mouth.

I rode my bike to the gym and back, but very very slowly as to not wear out my legs for tomorrow’s hike.

I’m thinking of hitting the gym for arm workouts on Monday, Thursday and Saturdays. We will see how long this lasts lol. I also need to get some time in with my poor neglected punching bag as well. It’s so lonely out there in the garage gathering dust. However today was not the day, since I think I overdid the cardio this week… So perhaps Saturday.

Once I feel I can huck an opponent over my head, I will feel I’ve done enough arm strengthening ;).

Walking a couple of blocks was difficult today! lol

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So yesterday I rode my bike to class, had class and rode my bike home. I was still pretty trashed from the day before, but riding my bike seemed easier and faster then taking buses. During class after some circle stumbling, or better known as my attempt at walking (the tops of my feet were still really sore from the run the day before), John decided we would do over 20 minutes of search hands!

I thought I’d died and gone to search hands heaven lolol. The fact I fell twice and bounced instead of broke was quite nice :>. I’m getting a bit more used to the whole falling thing. I also found that John can actually smack me a little harder then a feather hitting me and I barely notice now. I do however seem to have a bit of a bruised lip today, and had to strategically apply makeup. Either my friend who came over today didn’t notice, or was just being polite.

I don’t quite understand…. when I circle walk on my own my balance is half decent and I don’t screw up much. However as soon as I circle walk in front of John it all goes out the window. I’d done so much work on cornering, twisting inwards and balancing… but then I walked while John watched and I felt really bad that it was so terrible. Perhaps going for an hour long run the day before class wasn’t the best idea?!

So today I did a couple of errands, fortunately with my friend giving me a ride. I had to ask him to walk slower a couple of times, and had trouble walking only two blocks. For some reason my shins are very very sore. I don’t know if it’s from the running, or the extended search hands, or?

I read that Omega 3 oils help to alleviate that after workout pain you get, so I picked up some today. I look forward to experimenting. Also got some more dit da wan. While I was in Chinatown, I saw my old Chinese Dr…. the Chinese Dr. I haven’t had to see in 6 months! She asked how I was doing and I said I was good, running and climbing up mountains :). This is pretty good considering about a year ago I asked her if I would get better, and she said that she honestly didn’t know (it took her ages to get the perfect recipe for me, and she did better then any of the others). She said I was looking good, and considering she was the only person who could tell I was ill, that is good news.

I feel very fortunate for Bagua, and the herbs, since know I am quite functional in comparison to bedrest most of the time. I’m not quite up to normal health for a 41 year old, but I’m still working on it.

I asked a friend today if he’d like to join me on the Grouse grind, and he politely suggested that if he did go he’d go with a different friend of his…. because I’m too slow ROFL.

Ow, I think I feel muscles growing lol

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Most people don’t get the ouchy muscle thing after workouts. I think the reason for this is that they do the same sort of workout all the time, without varying it up much. I vary things up just to keep motivated and make sure I don’t get bored. And, if for some reason I haven’t varied it up lately, John always does! John can always tell when I get to a point where something isn’t too difficult anymore, then adds another layer of difficulty to it. The benefits of private teaching I guess. Also the benefits of a small class size during meetups. My legs however are starting to wonder when the torture might stop lol.

Getting my laundry down one flight of stairs today was extremely difficult! Perhaps the 30 blocks of walking, or the hour of running last night, or the lifting weights a few times with my arms. I hear that Omega 3’s help to get rid of that post workout ouchy muscle thing. I’m going to try them out. Dit de wan (those balls you get in chinatown that you eat) is also good for this, but it’s getting down to Chinatown…..

The large bone on the tops of my feet hurts again, and I’m not so sure why. Perhaps it was all the walking this week and doing part of my run on concrete. My feet aren’t vary flexible.

Tonight I have plans for some Bagua circle walking, some more Zhaquan, and an hour of bikeriding. There will be caffein involved I’m pretty sure.

Btw, night runs lead to insomnia. I am thinking I might have to schedule things a little differently in the future. Perhaps finishing my exercise at 8pm isn’t the best idea.

Well if anyone is needing some motivation for their exercise program, here you go!!! how to motivate yourself on the exercise bike!

My poor poor innocent feet!

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So I have plantar fasciitus, so what. I decided to join a running club this evening to improve my running. However thanks to a twist of fate, better known as google maps…. I never found them. After walking for 20 minutes I realized that there was no way I was going to find the location they were meeting at. Well since I’d already worn my running gear, prepared my gatorades and had my sports drink, I wasn’t just going to turn around and take a bus back home. So I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood (Dunbar area). I found that running with a backpack wasn’t all that more difficult, and running up not very steep hills wasn’t too bad. Then I happened to run past a track. I had only run for 15 minutes with my full pack and up hills. I decided the next 45 would be on a nice flat track with no pack. Some well meaning family found my pack and were wandering off with it, but fortunately I saw them and ran after them lol. My backpack didn’t grow any legs for the rest of my run.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to run since my foot still hurts from falling down the stairs. Fortunately the pain doesn’t hurt when I run as long as I wear my squishy shoes. I’m now at the point where I run halfway around the track, then walk for about 15 seconds, then run the other half, and walk for 15 seconds. It seems to take me 3 minutes to get around the track each time. I think the track I was on is 400 meters, the standard size. The track near my house is only 300 meters I think. Yep, my running is slow lol.

Then I walked for another 20 minutes back to the bus stop.

Then on the way home I got to practice Bagua circle walking for half an hour to keep warm. My legs were a bit wobbly from the running, but I managed. I think my circle walking is improving a lot! Perhaps it’s all the grouse grinding and running that is helping…

I did not practice yesterday, I was trashed and slept for 12 hours instead!

What do you mean I need more then 1000 calories if I’m going to exercise for four hours in one day?

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Perhaps I’ve been being a bit strict on my diet and calorie counting. I figured 1000 calories is enough before class, since most people only eat 2000 per day. Well I started to feel dizzy and see stars partway through practice today. Fortunately I brought a backup powerbar. Perhaps it’s the lack of gatorade which I usually drink lots of when active. I’ve been trying to cut down on my overpriced sports drink expenditures. However perhaps I should cut costs in some other area instead.

I spent 35 minutes riding to class, 3 hours in class, then 40 minutes home. I was doing the whole having the handlebars hold me up thing on the way home. So I had a sports gel. That got me home! Then I promptly ate lots of fruits, veggies, eggs, and cashews. I think I’m still short in the electrolyte department though…

During classes I find that it’s the applications which make the most sense to me, and as soon as I’m shown some applications for a movement, now it all makes sense. For some reason contorting my body in the air just doesn’t click in for me for some reason.

I need to work more on my balance, since I fall far too easily when John does the sweeping kicks (very gently) on me. I noticed no one else was falling, so obviously there is some trick to staying upright.

On a side note, I’m so very happy we actually cover fighting, and even more so practice some free form practical stuff in class! While I know the whole gong fu, training and perfecting yourself is really important, so is not getting your ass kicked! Having self defense is a nice side benefit…. and one hell of a lot of fun to train ;).

Oh days off are sooo nice ;)

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No exercise at all today! 🙂 Well unless you count walking 29 blocks all together throughout the day. I never count that as exercise though, I just count that as walking to where I need to get to. I did not ride my bike today, was far too tired.

Yesterday I was forced to diet since where I had dinner didn’t take plastic, so I had half as much as I wanted. Today I went out to a nice healthy vegetarian restaurant and had dinner and a salad with a friend. I was too full to try their “cheesecake”. Next time.

My legs and feet still feel like they are recovering, so I’m taking it easy this evening.