Day 14 of 21 days to 21k; can barely run 5k now :(

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I’m not sure what happened… I’ve rested all week, mostly because I could barely get out of bed until yesterday, and then I went running today. It was the most difficult run so far, and I barely made it the 5k. I was so exhausted when it was done I could barely walk. Actually I was more exhausted than after the 21K last week. I’m not so sure about this whole running thing, it’s not working very well anymore. My energy has gone to shit lately. I really do hate my health sometimes. I would just love to have my health and physical abilities improve bit by bit like most people, instead of plummet back several months randomly out of the blue!

I had lunch after the run, then I went home and napped. Btw, I might be on TV. They filmed our running group today. I don’t watch TV, so I won’t know if I run dorkily or not LOL. Awesome that the running group is getting that sort of exposure though! 🙂

Showing off my Bagua skillz today!

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So I got together with this person I’d met at a business speed networking meetup… who also does Bagua. Well he showed me the Bagua form he learned and practices quite a bit. Pretty fancy compared with mine! It was all for the dragon palm, but was a long one! Neat :).

Well I had to show him mine as well, he found some of the movements interesting. Then I talked about back weightedness for Cheng style, but how others have a bit more weight on the front foot than we do. I noticed that his stepping was also mud walking, heel no up sort of thing, slide the foot along. He didn’t have some of the other stuff that I would have expected, but also Bagua isn’t his main martial art. He just learned it for a few years.

Then we had fun talking about apps and distance and so forth. This guy teaches martial arts, and has been practicing for at least 20 years, but he was rather nice about things, and talked to me like I actually knew something hehe. I was sure to let him know how little experience I have, since I don’t want anyone to think that is how Cheng style is done, more like how it is done by a newbie. He seemed to think I’d picked up some of the general concepts pretty well (thanks to my Bagua teachers for that!) though. Then he started to do teacups saying he’d heard it was a good exercise… so I showed him the INTERNAL version of teacups, mwuahahaha. Poor guy. He’s not used to moving arms only when body moves kinda thing, nor used to teacups. However dude is good, he’ll have it down this evening when he practices. I mean the two arm version. On a side note, I managed to do the two arm version right off just to show him; so apparently all I have to do is not try, nor think about it and all is good. Only took me a year to get that one lolololol.

So I’m not sure if showing someone how you circle walk and showing them your form, then doing gentle apps on each other counts as practice, but since that and 30 blocks of walking is all I did exercise wise today, I’ll just have to count it. We did spend a couple of hours at it.

Well tomorrow I go for a run with a local running group who is also training for the Vancouver marathon (we are all doing the half marathon). It’s basically a running group for the local homeless folks. This one guy who has a passion for running started the group to help motivate and inspire the homeless folks. Also to give them something awesome to do. I’m also bringing half dozen pairs of my old running shoes to donate. Hey I’m a woman, I always keep several pairs around.

Rusty! Day 12 of 21 days to 21 k

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Apparently if you don’t circle walk for a couple of weeks you get really rusty! Took tend minutes for the qi to kick in, and in general things just didn’t feel like they usually do. Also my ankle was very sore!

I tried to use the new focuses I’m being taught in my circle walking… move from the hips, move all as one unit, move the legs as part of me instead of separate, keep qi in the hands, and so forth. It’s not like these concepts weren’t introduced with Bagua, it’s just that they are talked about far more in Taichi, not like they are some great mystical secret!

I noticed that when I was doing the form tonight I got a tiny bit of natural wave in there. I was told to move like a swimming dragon, so I like it when it just comes out naturally instead of being forced.

On a side note, I’m trying a compression top. The theory is if I keep the top on when I exercise, I’ll move my shoulders less. Well also wearing the tops is supposed to help recovery and so forth. We will see how it goes. The fact it was half price helped in the decision to test one out.

Also, I was pretty tired today, so just sat around working on the computer then bookbinding all day. There wasn’t any running done since I likely would have only made it 1k at most, and didn’t want to wear myself out for Bagua. I hope to have a bit more energy by tomorrow and more and more over successive days.

21 days to 21k day 11

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I rested lots today. I also worked lots today. I guess running 21k the other day took a lot out of me. Hopefully I can run a little tomorrow.

Before class tonight I had horrible depression. Having it confirmed I suck at martial arts is rather difficult for me to take. For the first week I just pretended I didn’t care. This however only worked for about a week. It sunk in on Tuesday when I would have normally had bagua class. Anyways, I was concerned that perhaps even Taichi was a waste of time for me. I know I’ll get over it, it’s just taking a little longer then I would have liked. More then a day or two in other words.

Well I finally talked myself into going to class. The bikeride there was especially difficult as I’m still tired after the 21k run, or perhaps the crohns, or perhaps the 3 days of rain, or perhaps the planets aren’t aligned property (sometimes ill health is frustrating). During the first half of class I was nearly falling asleep I was so tired. Fortunately during the qigong part I raised lotsa qi and woke up! Then we did the form. I was more able to move from my dantien this time, which was pretty cool since it was a LOT of multitasking, trying to follow the teacher.

Then we were on our own to just do the form a bit. Well uhm, I still dont’ have any of it memorized, so I just sort of followed the other student ;).

It was a fun class. It always feels odd to me since taichi is so slow. I know, I know, it’s slow so you can keep the qi with you…. but I’m so used to Bagua speed. Speaking of Bagua, I found myself taking Bagua postures accidentally when there were Taichi postures which were similar. I have to say I have acquired a habit of being back weighted in my stances, which I now have to change to 60/40 instead.

I got home and realized that I only remembered the first movement of the form. Oh well, eventually :>. I figure if I do it enough I will have it memorized.

21 days to 21k days 9 and 10

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Was too trashed to get out of bed much both days. I did get some work done though, but no exercise unfortunately.

What a waste of a year and a half!

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So my (past) Bagua teacher informed me that teaching me Bagua was akin to teaching Homer Simpson mathematics… as opposed to teaching say Einstein (other students). I informed him that Picasso, or some other un-math kinda person, but still not useless, would have been a better analogy. He disagreed. So it’s rather obvious that I wasted a year and a half (and about $3500) training with this person.

So I’m going to find a teacher who does find some worthyness in my martial arts, or just come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to do it. I’m not sure which yet.

For now I’m practicing Taichi, since I can do that one, and it does’t make my shoulders worse. I’m also circle walking from time to time, and practicing the form I learned from the Daoist Bagua folks. The other local Bagua teacher has a LOT of focus on exercises involving shoulder rotation, as well as some rather intense warmups which I can’t yet do. So I haven’t trained there. However due to my worse then poor attendance record, I’m not entirely sure I would be invited back anyways! So we will see.

OK so perhaps I sound bitter, whatever. I will get over it.

Ugh, not recovered from run yet. Day 8 of 21 days to 21K

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I bikerode for about half an hour to Taichi class this morning. I rode along the seawall, and didn’t even hit a single pedestrian. Though I did have to educate a few about the fact that the image of the person walking denotes the walking path and the picture of a bicycle denotes the bicycle side. Apparently this concept is a bit too difficult for many people. The person who stopped, then bent over to re-tie her running shoe was particularly hard to miss.

In the Taichi class I was exhausted. I had no idea how these folks who had 20-40 years on me could hod those stances so well! I also had a difficult time keeping up with the form, since it is hard for me to memorize forms. The teacher said to move from the center… which is difficult when I’m too busy trying to keep up to where his body, arms and legs are. Also I have come to find that the common things I have come to know in Taichi look different in every style! So while someone might say “repulse monkey”, they all seem to repulse differently!

Then I bikerode home for another half an hour.

In the evening I went to a speed networking meeting for entrepreneurs. That was a waste of 2 hours! I did however meet someone there who practices Bagua! What are the chances? lol

Since I spent the day in a state of utter exhaustion no Bagua was done. I even skipped having my employee come over for a couple of hours because I was so tired!

A little walking, a little Bagua and a LOT of resting ;) Day 7 of 21 days to 21k

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Well considering I went on such a long run yesterday I took it really easy today. Also I managed to somehow sleep very wrong on my shoulder, so I made sure not to use that arm at all today.

I went and did a few chores as an excuse to get out and walk around a bit. I did only end up walking about 9 blocks all together though, so not much.

I did do a little Bagua, but only half an hour worth. I focused on the forum and on balancing as I was stepping during circle walking. Balancing is much more difficult when each side of you foot hurts a lot!

It was a really nice and relaxing day off :).

I have put a hydration pack bladder into my backpack. I’m going to try it out tomorrow on a short run and see how it works. The run will be short enough that it won’t hurt my feet!

Day 6 of 21 days to 21K. Did 21K today!

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So I really don’t recommend other runners follow my training plan, you are likely to injure yourself! However I’m pretty used to 3 hours straight of exercise due to martial arts and hiking, so it didn’t kill me (though I might change my mind about this tomorrow!)

I set out with the goal of running at least 13km, and hoping for 15. I thought maybe I would just walk the last bit just to see if I could do it for race day. I started to get tired about the 5k mark, then more tired around the 10k mark. I walked for a couple of blocks and had half a power bar at the 10k mark. I wanted to make sure to at least get 13k in. Well by the time I hit 13K I was sort of kind of already in stanley park so might as well keep going I figured. I walked for a few blocks and had a caffeinated sports gel to help things along. Well I decided I may as well get up to 15K, it was hard. Then at 15K I thought I’d walk the rest, but then after a few minutes of that I decided it was too slow and would take me forever to finish! So I just really slowly ran the rest of the way, and stopped to walk for a block at one point.

I must have miscalculated somewhere and taken a wrong turn, I think as I was coming out of Stanley park. I think I was supposed to go under a bridge… anyways, when I finally got to the end I hadn’t reached the 21K mark yet. So I just ran around the area for about a block and a half extra until I was over 21K. There was no sense doing the entire route and not finish the 21K I figured. Also if I didn’t do all 21K, how would I know if I could do it on race day? I would only know that I could do most of 21K. The good news was that I was able to run across where the “finish line” would have been. I didn’t have to walk the last bit at all, but I will admit that the couple of red lights were nice ;).

I was rather stiff afterwards! Fortunately I found a galeto place only two blocks past the finish line. The sorbet was awesome after running all that way!

I even managed to walk the 1k to the bus stop I wanted afterwards! I guess this was good practice for race day as well.

The running was fun, but did become work after the 13km mark. I’m not sure it’s something I would want to do every week, or at least until I get my time down to more like 2 hours or something. It took me 3 hours and 7 minutes all together. Not too bad considering I did walk about 5 or so blocks of the half marathon.

I think my other run this week will be much shorter, perhaps in the 10K range, or perhaps in the 2k range lol. Next weekend I will likely also do a run, but it may be much shorter as well. I don’t want to train so much that I take the enjoyment out of things.

Day 5 of 21 days to 21K

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I did nothing today, nada, zip, zilch. I did get lots of work done though :).

So I carefully mapped out the half marathon route using the handy google maps and the course description from the race website. Now I have maps and the description of when to turn where all down and ready to go. I think what I might do is run a bunch until I’m tired. Then I will stop at a cafe downtown and have a snack and sit down for a bit. Then I will continue on the rest of the run. Or not. I might just do 13 or 15k and call it good. 15 more days until the race!