Ahhh, an awesome hour of circle walking! :)

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I always feel so much better after circle walking. This is even if I feel good in the first place. It is just an all around good activity. It is good for the health, is very grounding, is strengthening, it is good exercise, and it is very qifull.

The Daoist energy exercises are pretty awesome as well.

There was also some beating up of rice today. My rice bag is now cowering in the corning, and is waiting for it’s time in the sun to get a good suntan soon!

On a side note, this site is getting quite the upgrade and will be much more fancy in about a month ;).

I’m going to buy shares in the rice industry….

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So my student innocently comes to class last night…

All we did was a bit of circle walking, including the Daoist form. Half an hour of it at most. Then he got the whole energy overload thing. In his case it is the whole orbit thing going the wrong (for now) direction. He could tell where the blockage was, and I cold see the blockage, and I saw some yellow energy (no idea why yellow) in the area.

So I explained to him (thanks to my teacher having answered this question previously) that it was due to blockages and “frozen” energy from those past experiences… all of which needs to be released. So I explained the whole rice thing to him, and the story thing. He seemed a little hesitant at first, in a why on earth would this help sort of way… but then we got to talking, and I gave examples of my recent work with the rice and so forth. Then suddenly the related story did come up for him. Bagua is awesome that way, the energy just brings stuff up and out!

At one point he had to sit down and ground for awhile and just wait for the overabundance of energy to pass. So to try to help him out I started circle walking in a counter clockwise direction… the direction to release energy… I circle walked for both of us so to speak. Hey if some paths can eat for you and you don’t get hungry, then I figured I could circle walk for someone. I focused on grounding and releasing. I also decided that it was my circle (he wasn’t that far from it) and all would be grounded and centered within my universe/circle/space. It was after this that we were able to talk about his various stories. Boy is he going to have a lot of homework!

Then after him also doing some meditation and grounding, he was able to practice a bit more, so we did some counter clockwise walking together for awhile. I also had him focus on rooting beneath himself into the ground.

He was about done for the evening after this, and we had been going for over 2 hours anyways.

I think said student is a little surprised at what all Bagua brings up! 😉

The Daoist/Medical qigong homework has been rough!

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It’s been quite difficult lately, the homework for this aspect of the training. It is an extremely important aspect though, so most definitely needs to be done. Sometimes I think it’s more difficult than attempting to get lower down while circle walking!

With the homework I get to figure out the first time I felt a certain way (for example angry about a certain type of event, or distraught about a certain thing, or fearful of something). Then once I figure out the very first time this happened, I get to write a story about it. Then I get to release it ;). Then the story is burned of course.

I’d done quite a few, so thought perhaps they were going to get a bit easier hahahaha. Then the story of my sister’s murder came up, and how the murderer got off without any jail time due to his political connections. I’m supposed to be working on forgiveness to release my anger. I’d rather be working on beating the hell out of said person… I think I will go for somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Well at least with all this Daoist/medical qigong homework, I get to let go of more and more over time. Not like I haven’t been working on stuff for years already, but the releasing it methods seem to work better :). So overall it is a good thing, it is just difficult at the time.

Yesterday was errands day, I had to decide to be nice to people all day. Usually when that much anger comes up, I’m a bitch to anyone that even looks at me funny. It was a bit of a challenge to be nice to everyone.

I will be making more rice flour soon…

Something awesome happened the other day :)

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So I was correcting one of my students on one of the Daoist exercises… and she did it better than me! Now this isn’t much of a surprise, her having 20 years more martial arts experience than myself…. I have found that even with a couple of decades of experience it does take some time to get proficient as new movements, and a new style (there have been some reminders to keep it Bagua like hehe). So it was very cool to see one of the movements done extremely well, and with the right sort of energy :).

I have found that all my corrections for others as of late have been “more circular”, “more circles”. This sure does emphasize the whole Bagua thing. More circles and more spirals.

I love Bagua!

Outdoor Bagua is awesome!

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Even if it takes you awhile to warmup during circle walking. I have to say circle walking is about the best exercise to warm the body up on a very cold day ;).

Did some awesome circle walking outdoors today with one of my students. It was fun. I should have worn more than a sweatshirt in the middle of winter lol.

Sick of blogging!

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Bleh 😛

Taught Bagua for 2 hours today, and it was awesome, but COLD.

Blogging is boring lately.

Skip 2 days of circle walking and it all goes to hell :(

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Or at least it feels like it does. There were two days there where getting out of bed just wasn’t happening, so needless to say neither was circle walking. I did the Daoist alchemy exercise once on Thursday and Friday and 3 or 4 times on Saturday. It rocks!

Tonight I circle walked for somewhere between half an hour and an hour. I also did the Daoist alchemy exercise.

I also finally caught up on my work that I missed out on Friday and Saturday.

Some more outdoor Bagua :)

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On a whim I thought I would text someone who hasn`t shown up for class for a couple of months (holidays and being out of the country and such) and invite him out for a class. He actually remembered everything quite well… especially considering he admitted he hadn`t practiced! I`m truly amazed how folks can do that. If I go a week without practicing I start to forget things. It`s OK though, my not so perfect memory motivates me to practice everyday!

We only practiced for about 45 minutes as he had to go to anther appointment, so I stayed after to get a little more circle walking in. That didn`t last long though as I was extremely tired for some reason. So I just made sure it was extra *good* circle walking!

I had been slacking on some of my homework, so my teacher has told me to do that bit TWICE per day now :). I figure once I have done it lots, it will be easier to remember all the bits and take a little less time and work a lot better. It`s one of those awesome meditation and energy moving bits.

I also read over a couple of things and realized I`d remembered a couple of the meditations a bit wrong, OOOPS! Apparently I have been doing MY version of them LOL. Will have to adjust that heheh. I got the general idea down… It`s funny what the memory does… I could swear that I was giving a certain part of a meditation that I wasn`t so I somehow came up with my own version or something.

Today I told my bag of rice who`s boss. I double checked, and no it is not rice flour yet… it is still rice or at least mostly rice. I have always made jokes about making rice flour, but apparently some folks have managed!!!! OK I don`t feel bad about having so many stories now!

If I keep the rice pounding up I`m going to take up escrima on the side (an escrima stick is used for the rice pounding).

10,000 hours to master something…

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Martial arts, I’ve only got about 16.5 years to go at my present training rate of 10 hours per week. Unfortunately any more hours than that per week and I end up too worn out to work :(.

Anyways, it was another awesome but chilly Bagua practice yesterday evening :). I’m noticing that my body is twisting inwards towards the center of the circle even more, and that my body moves about more in different sections during the exercises. The whole swimming body thing is starting to happen in small increments. They of course feel huge to me, but I’m sure are minute in reality! I did not realize that areas of my body which I thought were not physical mobile in a person can move around.

I also did some circle walking in the morning yesterday morning since I woke up feeling quite good.

Seeing things from the other side…

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It is quite interesting from this end of things… I have noticed a few things which must be done different as the role of teacher, than as the role of student.

I have to make sure I’m a little early no matter what. I like to get at least a few minutes of circle walking in before class so that I am warmed up and moving decently well. It also helps to set the energy of the space.

I have to make sure to keep my daily practice up so that my movements are fluid and executed well.

I have to put in 100% effort when doing the movements. I really don’t want to show someone a less than awesome version of the movements.

No groaning or complaining and etc. during class. Well OK the odd one might come out, but in general, I try to keep very quiet through the twisting rib and waist torture ;).

I have to show up in a good mood and completely let go of my shitty day at work, or bad mood, or anger or any negative energy. Well I try to do that as a student anyways, but it is more essential as a teacher as the student picks up on my energy while learning. Also if I’m grumpy they may take it as something they did, and not know it was the bad day at work. Today was an especially shitty day at work!

I have to show up even if I have a headache, a cold, a sore back, or feeling like death warmed over, and manage to not act like the movements are the last thing I want to do! Fortunately it’s only the first few minutes that they seem like torture when I’m not feeling well, so the warmup before the student shows up takes care of this.

I have to make sure I have clean clothing and decent looking clothing on, not a tshirt which seems to smell OK lol.

Patience, I have to remember to word things well, show things well, and be optimistic. So far this hasn’t been a problem at all, but I know I will need to keep this in mind for the future.

All good stuff actually, and it all helps my practice greatly.

I have already been teaching other stuff for many years, so most of this is already stuff I’m used to… yet it is different in a way as it is physical movement. Also, it is something that I am myself still very actively learning, and only teaching a part of.

Fortunately I still get to learn something new each and every class :). The Bagua conversations also always get interesting as we discuss the many layers and levels of Bagua!

I practiced for about 25 minutes on my own circle walking, then we did some static palms, then the Daoist Bagua exercises. We went for about 2 hours all together.