I wil miss the enchiladas, carrot juice and full body massages!

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Loved the life in Monterey! Especially those enchiladas down the street… yum! Then those full body massages, wow one of the best I’ve ever had! And the daily carrot juice that came along with my training, how awesome! I will miss the Bagua, but believe me my body might not lololol. We were more staggering around the circle (at first) by day 10!

Now to take a few rest days, 5 of them to be exact. Then I teach my first class again on Tuesday :).

Finished the training :)

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All done now :). We went over the 1st kua again, then did the 2nd one. I don’t have the 2nd one as well as I would like… but that is what the next 5 months are for!

I also got another cupping and medical qigong treatment. As stated previously, cupping is the chinese word for torture. My shoulders et al. will be very happy in the long run though.

Bagua marathon training!

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10 days worth!!! What Bagua person would not dream of 4-6 hours per day of Bagua for 10 days straight? 🙂 It has been a truly wonderful experience. My body finally decided on day 9, about halfway through the day that it had had enough Bagua! Not that that stopped anything of course lol. Then there was this heavenly full body massage place that we went to! You can only imagine after that much training how delightfully wonderful a massage is! Body all refreshed :).

The Bagua training also included medical qigong and Daoist magic. Those “easy” looking and innocent looking medical qigong exercises really work your legs!!! The magic just helps bring it all together.

I also learned a few techniques to quickly fix up anyone I teach who gets whacked too hard, or wrong somehow. Speaking of which, it was so awesome, at one point, my wrist with the torn ligament got twisted the wrong way, and Sifu just fixed it up right after. Then at another point my arches started to hurt so much it was affecting my circle walking, so Sifu went and fixed them up as well. How very cool. The cupping treatment for my poor innocent shoulders was also…. well….affective lol. Lets just say I could barely sleep that night it brought up all my years of shoulder pain into one 24 hour period… or so it seemed. The awesome bit is that I get to learn all of this over time. I did learn cupping so that I can cup myself, or perhaps to fix something very basic on a student.

What I learned this time around was:

Heating of the bands
Qi walking
Pre-natal breathing
The Daoist 5 yin organ exercises
Qi scattering exercises
Channel dredging
Beating and drumming the qi
Turtle breathing
Insomnia protocol (only works if you didn’t suddenly increase your caffeine intake a few hours before sleep lol)
Moving energy various ways while circle walking to enhance it
Some Bagua partner practice exercises
Some application exercises
The rest of the pre-natal form, and the beginning of the original shape form
Stoking beard exercise
How to do all movements from my hips (easier said than done, need much work on this!)
Leg pumping
The very basics of cupping

Wow, no wonder I’m so exhausted!

Hehehehe my students are in for a lot of Bagua now….

My legs must have deeply offended my Bagua teacher in a past life…

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my shoulders and hips as well!


We have been focusing on circle walking lately. Also covered some medical qigong stuff. Then there was the pre-natal breathing, qi scattering, dredging the channels, and some moving energy about sort of stuff.

The best part is that the training has been in the forest and on the beach :).

Funny thing is I can’t seem to remember half of the movements for the form right up until my teacher goes over the application of it with me, then suddenly I get it. Putting things into context really does help. Well that and the fighty stuff is hella fun.

Bagua marathon! :)

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That is what my training feels like sometimes lol. We have done 4 hours so far today, and will do another 2-3 this evening ;>. My pillow looks so heavenly!!!

I have hips! ;)

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Today I was shown how to power everything by use of my hips. Apparently my hips really weren’t getting into the actual much at all before. Now they are starting to. *cheers on hips*, *go hips!*

We also finished up the original form today.

Ahhh 4 days off, and qi walking ;)

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After working 6-7 days per week for a couple of months it was soooo nice to have 4 days off of both work and Bagua :). It was so relaxing!

I learned some Bagua qi walking yesterday. My legs are cowering in fear today. I think qi walking just means a new way to torture one’s legs while adding some qiful exercises to go along with said leg torture!

I also learned that I really had no idea how to relax my arms. I thought I was! Even worse I had the hardest time letting my teacher lead my arm, and allowing myself to completely relax into it. Truly amazing how much tension and stress we carry around.

There was also some heating of the bands stuff. Heating is the chinese word for torture ;).

My student is improving! :)

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Well they both are actually :). I have been able to give them more advanced versions of each of the movements, and more details about the energies and such… Tonight however I saw quite a bit of improvement in one particular student! It is really neat when the improvement is so much that it is obvious. It’s also nice when it is obvious they have been doing their homework.

This week I noticed the one student had learned to not hold in the energy so much like he was doing before (I’d mentioned it briefly last week and we did some stuff to help that), then he had some good realizations and experiences about it at home. He also increased his power and/or ability to hit more properly.

Tonight the emphasis was helping him on not holding back; I told him not to worry, the air won’t hit back and it won’t get hurt ;).

We also focused on qi sinking. It’s amazing how it just sort of crawls on up to the chest and further up to the head sometimes if the person doesn’t focus on the dantien (or further down).

We practiced for a couple of hours and he managed to not get the dizzies this week :>. Well he nearly did near the end, but then he did this circle walking exercise I showed him and that helped get things back to being all sunken.

On a side note, my legs, they are still begging for mercy! I have also been able to have smoother circle walking recently instead of it being kinda stoppy/starty when I do the push the foot forward thing at the end of each step, then transitioning to the next step.

Bagua, work, sleep, read, Bagua, work, sleep, read….

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There has been some eating in there as well ;). I have been working far too many days in a row lately! When I’m not working, I try to get some Bagua in. I have also been doing my medical qigong reading homework when I’m not working. I have finally completed reading the about 350 pages! Now to go over them again with a highlighter, then a 3rd time while taking notes.

I have noticed that my circle walking is a little better lately and my stances during the exercises are a little lower. I have also noticed that I am having that head to toe pain again! I’m not sure if that is because I’m only practicing every second day instead of everyday (not done that before), or if it is just because I’m still working back up to things after the hospital visit.

Blogger 1 and I practiced for 2.5 hours on Friday evening, which was a hell of a lot of fun. I got to start to show her the more advanced and refined versions of things.

My legs will forgive me by morning ;)

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I hope. My back might too if I’m lucky. I didn’t lift anything heavier than 10lbs today, so it really should. I also did some nice Bagua twisty exercises for it! Those were a little painful at first, but then my back gave in and started to loosen up.

The circle walking this evening was awesome as usual :). I just wish that I was better at it. As my body gets stronger and stronger again I’m sure my circle walking will improve though.