It was both a Bagua and a medical qigong marathon this time :)

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I went down to train with my teacher again. We covered Bagua for the first week, then medical qigong for the second week. The Bagua is a bit more frustrating as we are moving along very very slowly. I know this is good for me, and how it is supposed to be taught, but it is more frustrating! At least this time I have 6 months to practice everything Sifu has given me. Each time before I only had one month each time, and it really didn’t feel long enough. I hope to be able to practice everything I have been given now, instead of leaving some stuff out. I really have been given a lifetime worth of work :).

The medical qigong course was awesome! I completed p2, and now can put MQP on my biz cards. I also made a new website, in case anyone is interested in a medical qigong treatment Vancouver medical qigong treatments It is some pretty awesome stuff.

What I really enjoy is all the crossover between Bagua, magic and medical qigong. The longer I train for, the more crossover I find. I definitely hope to stick this out another decade or two :>.

Also, my knee is nearly better. Not sure what happened, I fell on it, and it wasn’t healing at all for 2 weeks, and I could barely do Bagua (or stairs for that matter) during that time. I’m really happy that it is finally showing some improvement. I’m also happy the endorphins stopped. On a side note, Po som on is the most awesome stuff in the entire universe!!!! 🙂 If you ever have a knee injury, definitely use some. I’m even liking it better than 701 plaster now.

Some Bagua on the beach :)

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Went to an area where the river meets the ocean, was an extremely awesome spot for Bagua! I have to say though balancing properly for the form is much more difficult in soft sand.

The enjoyment of doing Bagua in such a nice place definitely took away any of the less pleasant aspects of the practice, such as the ouchy bits :).

I think my body is seeking revenge ;)

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For the horse stance? Or perhaps the circle walking? Probably that low twisted stance…

So anyways I was all relaxed and having a nice bath the other day…. then the doorbell rang. Since I was expecting a delivery, I managed to jump out, get my robe on and get…. well halfway to the door when I realized that hardwood floors and soaking wet feet make for very poor traction. I went flying. I’m upset to say that I fell right on my knee; I would have liked to have just naturally done some awesome roll or something which made me land on something a little softer than me knee, such as, say, anywhere else. I did make it to the door before the person left. It’s a good thing it wasn’t door to door sales or they would have gotten an earful!

I did still teach class that night. I just brought my walking stick for extra support and to make sure I didn’t make that knee any worse. Since my student had a cold and felt horrid, and I couldn’t do any lower stances… we just did a heap load of qigong stuff ;). An hour and a half of qigong!

Then the next day.. it was migraine day! One catch with working for yourself is migraine does not equal day off. So I did a few hours of work in the morning then off to downtown to drop some stuff off for work and pick some other stuff up. Then it was home to rest for 2 hours before heading off to my 3 hour silversmithing class. Accept during that 2 hours the migraine got so bad that even walking as far as the kitchen was nearly impossible.

The good news is that I emailed my teacher for some medical qigong ideas for migraines. As luck would have it he was apparently by the computer, and I got the page number to look it up. I performed the qigong once and the migraine was 50% gone :). So I decided to head to class, and was only 40 minutes late. Then the migraine was completely gone about halfway through class :). I suddenly have twice the awesome opinion of qigong.

Extremely good Bagua sessions today :)

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My first meditation this morning was amazing. Then I finished the meditation and went onto mundane things. Then I got stressed about something and was not able to do meditation number 2 very well :(.

Later on I did the Bagua form. I am feeling more and more sunken lately, which is very good.

Then a bit later I practiced the staff exercises for awhile, and tried to figure out the form some more (I barely remember it from when Sifu showed it to me).

Then I did some circle walking about an hour after that. The late evening circle walking was amazing! I also got an extremely good heaven and earth energy connection to myself going on.

I also felt extremely whole body connected this evening, which was really nice. It was sort of a feeling of as if my body finally gave up and gave in and decided to let itself be connected after all this time :).

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow

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LOL. My back is rebelling. I think I’ll go see the chiropractor tomorrow.

We had fun tonight, we did Bagua class under the outdoor shelter in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning. It was awesome! 🙂 Yeah yeah I know you aren’t supposed to do anything qigong like, and some say Bagua too under these circumstances, but still we enjoyed it. I did give my student the option to go have class in my basement instead, but he said he liked the weather ;).

Ha, my body is finally bending to my will!

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Well at least more so than before. I’m able to get down further in the stances during the form :).

I’m also starting to be able to twist inwards more when I circle walk.

My new gym practice buddy decided that the couch was more enticing than the gym. Ah well, more martial arts instead.

The energetic exercises part of my training have been going quite well lately, and seem to be working much better, which is nice.