Memories :)

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I went to practice outdoors at the school this evening :). I had not done that alone in quite some time as I’ve been practicing indoors lately, or my back yard when doing staff work. Well I got there and realized how much I miss outdoor training! 🙂 When I first did it I didn’t like it in the bad weather, but now I love it. Apparently my teacher at the time had the same experience and now also really enjoys outdoor training.

So when I got there and started, all the memories and energy from training there for the past 3 1/2 years came flooding in! It was as if they were still there waiting for me, left behind with all of the sweat from practice each time. I really have put in a lot of hours in that same spot.

My practice was very enjoyable. I didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but I will work back up to it.

I missed my outdoor Bagua in my practice spot, and didn’t even realize it.

Everyone quick, go get a teacher :)

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Teachers are good in the sense that they can tell from their own experience and what they have been taught, what sort of things will help to make your Bagua and/or qigong better. They can tell where you are at any given time, and give exercises and suggestions accordingly. They can also gear the class towards what is most needed to help you get to the next step and refine things. That whole energy transfer thing doesn’t hurt either ;).

Aside from me having the most awesome teacher in the entire history of teachers, what brought this up tonight is when my student thanked me for the corrections I gave him last week and told me how much that they have really helped his practice. Since he (obviously) doesn’t say this every week, I figure they were some extra good/useful ones. We had gone over posture, me correcting, then showing, then correcting then showing. So he got to see the changes that came about when I did the not as correct, then the more correct version of each thing. Then also the difference between his regular, and then after the corrections version. Bagua really is about angles sometimes! Well also the qi flows 10X better at certain angles and with certain alignments.

When he said this, I said I wonder how folks learn from books and vids…. though I do know they just video themselves, then do corrections from there. Then he said perhaps those work better when the student has already had a few teachers and a good number of years of experience…. So I asked him how long he has been doing martial arts for. 15 years :). He has also had 3 teachers (perhaps 4?) over that time. I can’t speak about the others, but the one teacher was most definitely the real deal and had some amazing stuff. Said teacher was also my grandteacher when I did another style of Bagua. He has also taken workshops with a quite famous and well renowned Bagua master. Yet still, there was some pointers that I could give which really helped, and noticeably improved his Bagua and qi flow. How awesome is that?! 🙂

Fortunately my Bagua training has been geared around how to teach others Bagua. That is the impression that my Bagua teacher had when he started training me, of how I should be trained. So to teach others, I just teach them how he teaches me, and the pointers he gives. Apparently they work quite well. I also go by intuition of what should be covered each class.

Also during class this evening, after a few corrections in our basic exercises (the ever so awesome foundation stuff) I noticed that halfway through, he suddenly got a lot better at them. As if he jumped up a level or something. It was pretty neat to watch. It makes me think that sometimes Bagua does that…. just works through us, then we get these times where our body and ourselves are ready to flow with things so much better.

I also had a few new insights this evening, which were lower dantien related, and I think will greatly hep my practice :).

Btw, Bagua is awesome! 🙂

PS, it was really cold out!

Smoothing things out a bit :)

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I was practicing the other day, and suddenly increased the smoothness by quite a bit! Well OK it felt like quite a bit anyways. My Bagua was all stoppy starty before, which wasn’t quite right. My teacher was trying to say I needed more work on my Bagua, and I wasn’t sure which aspect, and I think that was it :). It definitely feels better now, and fortunately also feels like I am making some progress.

Also the other night, my student and I had the BEST Bagua class ever! It was on halloween actually, so even though the fireworks were a little distracting (lol) the amount of energy and insights were amazing. It was one of those things just click times, and I figured a few things out, then passed them onto my student.

I also love being able to help people to improve their Bagua :). While I’m at it, it also improves my Bagua!