5 years, and I’m not so sure my circle walking has improved at all!

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Each day I circle walk it feels like it’s my first day! Though, I do seem to recall insane amounts of ankle wobble which has mostly gone by the wayside. One day I will get awesome at circle walking :).

Of course I know the remedy for not amazing circle walking… and that of course is more circle walking! Actually, in my opinion, that is the remedy for everything Bagua; more circle walking.

It’s been a bit hot ouside lately, so taken up to circle walking in the basement lately. I know outdoors is better, but… indoors regularly is better than outdoors not quite getting around to it I figure. Accessibility ;).

Hope all the folks who actually still read this poorly neglected blog are also still circle walking, and if not are reminded how awesome it is.

I have been tempted to hit the gym again, but really there isn’t much that a good Bagua workout doesn’t cover.

You also get the added benefit of neigong with Bagua, which you don’t with a gym workout.