Jogging the memory

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Tonight after doing some Daoist Bagua (for lack of a more specific exact name for it), I thought I would try and see how much of the Cheng style form I remembered. Er, not much lolol. I remembered all the static palms of course, but those turn arounds… well… uhm… lol (Sorry John lolol). I likely have a video of myself doing them, somewhere, on a hard drive.

You would think if you have done something 1000 times you might remember it? Not so much. Yes I know my memory isn’t the best, but also my friend with a super awesome martial arts memory has forgotten them as well (last we talked about it).

Well, there is nothing wrong with static palms!

I had better make sure I keep up the Jiang rong quo (sp?) form so I don’t forget all of that either.

Well at least circle walking, I can remember how to do that! Twist into the center, twist more into the center, even more. Torque arms, torque them even more. Move from ldt. See that sort of thing I can remember. But where my darn arms go when turning and twisting around, not so much.