A directory of all of the Bagua teachers (I can find) in Vancouver, BC Canada

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Wow, we have a lot of folks teaching Baguazhang in Vancouver! 🙂

I have compiled a list here in alphabetical order. I will be adding links to the ones I can find links for over time. If you would like to be added to the list just leave a message and let me know.

1. Chaco Chiswell (Cheng style)

2. Victor Fu (Fu Style) – www.fustyle.org

3. Master Gao (teaches at Killarney sometimes)

4. Bill Jia Jun Hui

5. Mike Juzenas – See the comments below for more info on his weekly Bagua sparring

6. Jonathan Leiham – www.innerachievement.com

7. Willian Leung

8. Shoyu Liang (Emei Bagua)

9. Bruce Lin (Burnaby)

10. Kelly Maclean (Emei Bagua) – Teaches at the local community centers.

11. Dave Meikle (Cheng style)

12. Namen (Cheng style)

13. Long Quan Sheng – divinemartialarts.org/eng/wp/

14. Lian Sheng Xu

15. John Spak (Cheng style, and some others) – www.fistsofmysteryandtruth.com

16. Wilson Wu

17. I also sort of teach Bagua; my teacher has asked me to show a few people the first year of conditioning moves and a few other things. I am newer to Bagua, more an option if you wish to train our very specific style.

You might be wondering which local teacher I recommend. Yeah, no. Go try a class with each one and check them out for yourself :). Most folks offer a first class or two for free.

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