A random Bagua meeting :)

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I was down in Chinatown today waiting for a bus, and this very very old chinese guy starts staring at me, I look back and he starts pointing at me. Apparently he was pointing to the Bagua symbol on my jacket. He kept pointing to it and giving me the thumbs up. He didn’t speak a single word of English at all. I tried to get across that I love Bagua as well, but not sure if I managed or not. Then after spending 5 minutes giving me the thumbs up for doing Bagua, he wandered off with his walker. I was tempted for half a second to walk a quick circle to let him know I understood, but then decided my circle walking sucks too badly for that LOL. Anyways, was kinda neat to meet someone else who apparently loves Bagua quite a bit. I wondered if the old guy could still circle walk or not. He most definitely was needing the walker he was using.

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