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It was an awesome class tonight. I was teaching my student with the super awesome memory. I started to wonder during class how much I would learn with Sifu if I had such a wonderful memory! It’s all good though since I just learn stuff deeper by taking a long time to get stuff each time. I am still amazed though how she picks up stuff that took me an hour or two to learn in just minutes! It is also really cool how both of my students pick up the energy stuff really quickly and easily. Well all of us have been doing meditational practices and energy work for over 20 years each, so that does help a lot.

We covered quite a bit today. Since she doesn’t practice at home every single day *cough* *cough* lol, I make sure that we cover a good part of the curriculum each week. Her circle walking is improving, awesome! She is also doing the movements with more of her.

As per usual I made sure to do all of the exercises as well as the circle walking much lower than was comfortable. I am really trying to work on my sinking. I also helped my student focus on some sinking.

The only problem with class today is that this annoying chinese guy who was there with his son and they were bikeriding around the schoolyard. He kept watching us, and looking at us every few seconds. It was getting really annoying. So I made sure to face away from him during a few of the things which aren’t really public and to wait until he was on the other side before showing my student how to move stuff with the dantien, or any other deeper sort of movement type stuff. I also drew us out a circle in the ground and asked for protection from his annoying energy. We then circle walked inside the circle for a time, to create some good barriers between us and him.

I figure he kept looking because he was surprised to see Bagua done so badly lolololol ;).

I think we will practice on the other side next time if we see him though.

There was some ever so awesome vietnemese food after practice :>.

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