Bagua just gets deeper and more awesome each week!

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Since I just recently finished my Bagua marathon training with Sifu, it still feels like I’m unpacking all that I have learned :). I keep discovering new things about Bagua, about the practice in general, and about the specific exercises I’m learning and doing.

This evening I focused on helping my student get over the dizzies. This has been difficult for him. We have (with the help of Sifu, as well as an experienced Bagua friend) we have narrowed this down to three causes. Primarily not keeping the chin down; the qi creeping up to the head, and armoring. I have also found on my own and while working through things with him that densifying and solidifying and sinking the qi helps greatly as well. The cool bit is that all of these things also help greatly with health and martial arts. Bagua is most definitely awesome!

Through some trying stuff out we found that when my student goes into a very strong and stable/solid stance this also grounds out the dizzy energy. I had him go into a more solid stance by pushing him backwards, then having him solidify his stance against my pushing. I have also noticed that when people get spacy, as well as when people have health problems that their qi and energy is all fluffy and very large and too far out. So I had my student compact his qi tonight to ground him out a bit.

Ever since he started Bagua about 5 years ago, he has never been able to get his hands warm during practice. Personally this amazes me since all I have to do is think about Bagua and I start sweating! So I had him try a few things that work for me to warm up my hands, and also worked for my other student a couple of times she was cold during class. However unfortunately they did not work nearly as well as I had hoped. Well it just means we will keep working on things until his qi is flowing so well that it gets to his hands as well.

We also focused on some channel dredging and qi scattering to keep him grounded throughout the exercises. We also did many old man and the tide pool exercises.

The most interesting part of class was trying out a personal theory of mine… instead of standing in the regular stances for the exercises that always make him dizzy, I instead had him sink, no sink more, no sink even more, and don’t let me push you over sort of sunken stance for the exercises. It worked! He did not get the dizzies at all, even though we did more in tonight’s class than usual, and did a few of the exercises which always set off the dizzies for him.

However I did discover that it is not necessarily good for me to touch him during practice, as that can set the energy spiraling! I can touch him for corrections and to help him to get the idea where an arm might go, or how it night move and so forth, but partner practice sort of touching of palms and so forth just transfers energy over I think. I also noticed that if I did energetic stuff next to him that it can influence his energy.

For the armoring aspect I told my student the bad news, that yes there is only one (well pretty much) cure for such things, and it involves the writing of the stories and the rice bag beating. He still has not gotten around to the rice bag (funny how we all ignore that more than we should). So I reminded him that it is the most important thing to do to eliminate the dizzies.

Speaking of rice pounding, I have also come up with some new stories recently. I could swear that they get more difficult over time, as they go deeper and deeper. Now I’m working on this particular forgiveness prayer and ritual that Sifu has given me. Simple enough right? Unfortunately not so much, it’s much more difficult than it looks. Also I’m having some technical difficulties with the whole forgiving aspect lol. It seems I have my work cut out for me.

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