Body, tendon, etc. conditioning exercises

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My leg was still too sore for circle walking today (I went and did normal walking a bit yesterday which I’m sure didn’t help). So today was doing the tendon sets, yiquan zhan zhuang, whipping sets, teacups, and other standing still (mostly) exercises. Also the 5 yin organ exercises as well of course, because those are just awesome. (not in that order lol)

I look forward to getting back to circle walking soon. I’ll just work on all the other stuff in the meantime, and hey I can still do horse stance *wimper*, so all is good.

I have been watching various long term martial artists do Bagua circle walking, and I’m amazed at how low many of them can go during it! It is also cool to watch their full body solid connection. It’s fun to watch them as motivation towards my own bit by bit and more and more, awesome Bagua.

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