I think all my torn ligaments have finally healed!

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While the various arm positions did hurt, nothing like before. They hurt from muscle soreness, and some tending stretching, but not from injuries. Definitely a nice change :D.
I’ll go gentle on them anyways though, so they can build up strongly.
Anyways, I took 3 years off (after doing it for 7 years straight) of Bagua…… well OK what I mean is, I would practice at random, perhaps for a month at a time, then stop again, then the odd bit here and there….. so now getting back into the practice. I’m remembering things bit by bit. I’m starting from the beginning and most basic stuff, then working up slowly from there.
Today I focuses on pushing off with my heel. Of course also feet flat, and trying to turn inwards, but the main focus was the heel thing.
Apparently my twisting in to the center of the circle ability has diminished greatly LOL. Perhaps I’ll focus solely on that during an upcoming session. (with everything else running more in the background).
I haven’t looked over my notes yet really, so I’m doing this all from memory as it comes up. Which is really interesting, since at first I didn’t remember anything really, but then the act of circle walking keeps bringing up more and more memories of how it’s supposed to be done and things to add. I have remembered more than I want to add quite yet though since I’m going slowly. Trying to build a solid foundation.
I’m also trying to avoid my plethora of Bagua mistakes I made last time around :D.
I’ll start to incorporate the various neigong movements soon, but wanted to get at least a couple of weeks in before adding those. I’ll add them slowly though, since I figure until I catch back up to where I was before, that I’m pretty much starting from square one again. Can’t overload the system with too much energy and etc. at first.
I also want to add the 14 (there were 14 right?) tendon “ouchy” stretching exercises, as I think those would be really helpful in my practice.
So how is everyone else’s Bagua going?

Lots and lots and lots of Bagua today :)

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Came over to my friend’s house for a roast dinner. Then we went off to the local school to practice some Bagua :). It was only an hour and 20 minutes of practice, but wow it really felt more like 2 hours! It was rather cold out, so we decided to do the Daoist exercises indoors later on. I did get quite a bit of circle walking in though. It felt as though my hips opened up more. Hard to explain, but it felt as though I could take larger steps due to my hips being able to move further. I will have to ask around to see if this is right or not; I hope so.

Then after a little snacking and resting, we practiced the Daoist exercises. We were a little tired from the outdoor practice though. I did have a couple of realizations during them, one was about twisting and spiraling, and the other was about one of the exercises being good for the belt meridian.

Then we watched two kung fu movies; Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin. Kung Fu Hustle was hillarious lol. That crazy guy and the old bitch landlady were awesome haha. With Shaolin realized that I would most definitely not make a good Buddhist! I would have let dude fall to his death just to make sure he didn’t go killing lots more people. Thus he would not have been enlightened in the end (or we figure that is what was coming). I also would not have believed a word of I surrender from any of the lot of them! (in either movie)

A very Bagua christmas ;)

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My circle walking is still looking up, in the sense of being able to add a little more power to it each time. As my body heals up more and more, I can walk while actually pushing myself forward and moving more of me.

Tomorrow, on christmas day, I will be heading over to a friend’s house for some Bagua practice, then watching martial arts movies, then eating roast :). Sounds like a good day to me!

Finally seeing some results from all my hard work :)

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I am finally seeing and feeling some improvement in my Bagua :). I mean on a regular basis off and on. Some things just become a bit easier, so I can kick them up a notch, and other things just flow better. Also the energetic aspect is finally coming along to my satisfaction :).

It is nice to see my work pay off. The first two years really wasn’t showing much, at least to myself. But finally things are starting to work it seems. It has inspired me to work even harder. Well also a conversation with my Daoist Bagua teacher the other day helped as well. I really do enjoy teachings that I can mesh with so well. I also have to say it’s really nice to get encouragement! Fortunately he also tells me when I have something wrong though, but nicely.

Yesterday I did as powered and torqued as I could muster (I am still healing) circle walking for 20 minutes. I actually felt energized after, instead of like taking a nap! That was a first. Usually if I put more effort in than 70% it is nap time lol. Then I went out for my daily errands and so forth. I wasn’t able to get a second Bagua session in yesterday though unfortunately, I was far too wiped out.

Today I circle walked for half an hour, focusing on alignment, the energies and the form this time.

I have also been walking back weighted whenever I walk around town, to try to catch onto the whole back weighted thing better. I do it naturally a lot of the time now, even when walking down the street. It does of course still need much more work though. I was walking around in some Creeper shoes with the thick soles, so the back weighted thing was quite interesting lol.

Bagua, Bagua, Bagua :)

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I was extremely tired all day for some reason. At a guess forcing myself awake at 3am to go circle walk in the new calendar, then not getting to sleep again until 6am had some relevance.

Then I finally at 11:30pm decided I should probably sleep for the night. Then I was suddenly wide awake! Apparently along with resetting the calendar, I also reset my sleep pattern! Well hopefully not.

Well what else would I do if I’m awake and can’t sleep? Circle walk of course. I went downstairs to circle walk, since my ambition level did not include putting on a couple of layers of clothing and going out into the snow after midnight.

I circle walked for about half an hour, then the sore bit in my leg started to really hurt, in a “this is going to be really screwed up tomorrow if I don’t stop now” sort of way. Darnit. Well I wasn’t ready to stop yet, so I did the Daoist exercises for the other half an hour or so. I had skipped a couple of days of those, so I was happy to get them in. I really should be doing them daily.

While I was circle walking I was focusing on my rooting, but also focusing on my taiji pole and the connection to it and the big dipper. Then I “saw” a bunch of my accupoints light up. Pretty neat :). I don’t tend to pay much attention to my accupoints really since there are too many for me to remember, but they definitely did get my attention for a bit there. Then a loud slam of a door made me jump a little, and I realized I clearly don’t have my qi sunk enough if I can still have it suddenly raise up with a loud noise. I will be definitely focusing on further qi sinking in the future!

Circle walking in the new calendar ;)

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This morning I circle walked for only about 20 or so minutes. I felt like hell. Perhaps too much clockwise circle walking the night before, or perhaps just a bad day.

Then I had the most amazing online lesson with my Daoist Bagua teacher ;). Take it a bit slower was his advice! We also talked about combining the three disciplines, martial arts, magic and healing. There is also the mystical/spiritual component in there as well, not sure which if the 3 that fits in best with though.

Then I set my alarm so I could circle walk in the new Mayan calendar :). The Mayan calendar resets.. well in 2014 actually, but most of Mexico is celebrating now, so I thought I would make use of this time. First I listed off all that I no longer needed from the past before I went to sleep. Then I got up just before solstice, and circle walked clockwise letting go all that no longer serves me. Then as the exact time of solstice and the changing of the seasons and calendar struck, I changed directions to clockwise, and listed off what I wanted to bring more of into my life and which changes I wished to make for the new year/calendar/etc. I circle walked for another ten minutes before I realized that this whole only 4 hours sleep then circle walking thing wasn’t working out so well lol.

Ahhhhh that’s better :)

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I always feel so much better after I get my circle walking in! I skipped yesterday due to some severe leg tenderness (guess who overdid it the day before, ooops), so today was extra awesome :). I did nearly an hour of counter clockwise the other day, and thus made my left leg a little sore in one area. Well I thought I’d balance things out and do nearly an hour going clockwise this evening.

Usually I don’t go for that long in each direction. Usually I only do half an hour if only doing one direction, or I go back and forth if I’m circle walking for a full hour. Definitely interesting going in one direction for that long of a time!

Definitely felt the whole vortex thing going on tonight and the center of the circle opening up… then it felt as though I was walking on little clusters of stars with each step. I suddenly felt as though I had to step extra carefully to make sure I stepped on the stars which were uhm high up in the universe or something. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Daoist folks mean by star stepping, as they follow such patterns as the big dipper and such for specific purposes… this was more a Bagua shaped bunch of star clusters. It felt as though I was walking through the milky way. Things started to feel sort of dense and more difficult to walk for a bit before it happened.

I made sure to focus on the rooting during the entire time as well since walking around on stars just can’t be very grounding I figure, and I’m still focusing on the whole rooting and solid stuff. I also focused on my taiji pole and the taiji pole of the universe since it goes from the center of the earth on up to “heaven” and back, through me, and through the center of the circle.

I also felt as though the clockwise circle walking was definitely clearing me out during the first half an hour.

Exercising my acupoints ;)

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So apparently there are acupoints for each of the 8 gua! Further, each of these points relates to one of the numbers on the Lo Shu square. So not only am I *walking* the Lo Shu whenever I circle walk, but I`m also activating, or opening (not really sure how that works) the various 8 extraordinary vessel points. Neat :). No wonder Bagua is so darn healthy. Well aside from the pure physicality of it of course. These points are in the feet, ankle, hand and wrist areas. Makes me wonder about the various stepping methods as well as the hand positions.

Not only do these points have various health benefits in a clinical setting, but are also apparently known to help access the deeper parts of the body`s energy system, as well as help connect with the spiritual realms. No wonder Bagua is so interesting!

I`m sure it gets much more involved than this as well, and I`m only scratching the surface on my Bagua knowledge; I most definitely look forward to learning more. Bob, my acupuncture dummy, is most definitely getting some use as I look up each point while reading through the information. I think I would get through books faster if I didn`t need to look them up all, but it makes it more interesting this way, and one decade I will have them memorized…

Some fast circle walking!

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I thought I would speed things up this morning and went quite a bit faster than I usually do. Well since I didn`t want to get the dizzies, I didn`t go *too* fast, but at a pretty good clip. Also to keep the dizzyness and spiraling away (at least away from my head) I focused on lots and lots of qi sinking ;).

It was nice, I finally feel like I am getting enough strength back to circle walk properly. I`m able to put more power and effort into it now. Fast circle walking would be pointless if I were not focusing on proper movement, alignment, and driving from my back leg and dantien.

I did 40 minutes of high speed and as much force and power as I could put in circle walking. About 80% effort. I`m still not up for putting in 90% effort… but soon… oh so soon :). I am feeling less and less shaky recently, which is most definitely nice.

Calf muscles, speak to meeeee!!!!

Knees, ow, knees!

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Falling on your knees makes for slightly painful circle walking afterwards. My foot is mostly better, but my knees on the otherhand apparently still need a little time. Unfortunately I can`t add 701 plaster to them yet since there is an open sore, darnit. I`m thinking dit da jao is out too… It should be soon though, I just have to change directions each time I get too much knee pain.

Circle walked twice today. It was really nice that during my evening circle walking I was able to actually put some power, effort, force or whatever you call it into the circle walking. Forget that gentle go easy kinda circle walking, I wanted to actually feel like I was circle walking ;). So apparently I must be starting to feel a little better!

I`m down to 25mg of prednisone now, so I`m sure that helps. My central nervous system is also a little bit happier.