Every single inch of my body hurts!!!

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That is what happens when you take some time off of intense training, then go back to it full force. I’m not entirely sure there is a muscle in my body which doesn’t hurt a LOT. Now how my abdominal muscles hurt is entirely beyond me since I have not done any ab work at all, not situps, or raises, nothing! Now if I’m really lucky it could be because I was moving from my core so much anytime I have gone to do a strike, or a movement in the form, that this is why it hurts. I can dream that I am using my whole body and center this much ;). Actually it might be true, since my shoulders are a bit sore, so I have been trying not to use any arm strength at all, but use them more like dead weights and have my body do the work.

Some random sunny Bagua :)

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So a friend of mine who practices Bagua came over today to drop something off. Well after we walked over to 711, I asked if he would like to go do some circle walking, since he had the day off of work anyways, and I was too tired to start work yet (damn morning people). So we walked over to the school to practice since the teachers are on strike there was no problem practicing there during school hours. The teachers were sitting there on strike shivering, making comments about how they should try some of the physical activities that we were doing.

We circle walked and talked about Bagua. I also did some of the movements I had learned down in California. Somehow when you first learn an exercise it seems easier to get the energy right and a strong feel for it, then later it wanes into something which doesn’t feel as strong, then again later it begins to feel stronger as you go deeper with it. Unfortunately I’m at the doesn’t seem so amazing phase. Of course I will keep practicing though since I want to memorize them and get better at them.

My entire body was very sore today. I blame both Bagua and running equally. I sort of took a few weeks off anything too strenuous then jumped right back into my regular schedule, oops.

Btw, there is no way in hell *my* shoulders are going to have anything at all to do with these “windmills” John!!!!!

Bit of a Bagua class break to focus on what I have been taught so far

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Bagua is officially no longer in the budget. Neither are things such my phone bill, bicycle repair and so forth, but that is another story. The good news is that I just went to costco yesterday and stocked up on food! The other good news is that I have enough Bagua training to last me many years of practice. I have learned so much. I do not doubt it could keep me busy for quite some time. I think I will just take monthly top up and correction classes for now and focus more on my work.

It is said that circle walking is the most important part of Bagua. This begs the question of how important is all the fighting stuff in my case?

I think I will be really bummed out around Tuesday at 6pm, but hey not like I didn’t survive before I started Bagua…

Oh and btw, forms are the bane of my existence! What I would give to have a memory and greater coordination!

Protected: Down the rabbit hole….

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I think my martial arts teacher and running coach have been conspiring behind my back!

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So I went to the running class today, for the first time in 3 weeks (boy was I out of shape), and I noticed that most of the exercises were the SAME! I’m glad I have been doing the 13 ouchies since the exercises were very similar. There was much focus on balance and being in control of the stepping. Also we focused on keeping our feet right underneath our body. None of this stepping or leaping forward when running stuff. Then we did some jump rope. For some reason completely beyond me John thinks jump rope isn’t very useful. Sure perhaps for Mr. run up and down scaffolding all day long it’s not very useful, however for us cardio challenged I think it might just be a good idea. I was about to keel over and die during the jump rope bits lol. On the way home, I bought a jump rope. John is used to me only listening to him 3/4 of the time ;). I also got a little spikey ball to massage my achilles. I also dropped my bicycle off at the doctor since my brakes were so entirely shot that I had to start breaking a full block ahead to actually stop at a red light. It was getting to be downright dangerous, especially in the rain and snow which have been prevalent lately.

Lion plays with golden ball

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That was my thought after class this evening. It felt like a very uplifting, fun and playful class, and that is the description which came to mind. A strong and playful lion rolling a golden ball of qi around. There was much qi moved about during class, different sorts of qi. Basically John showed me something he had shown me before, but knowing I learn way faster and better when there is some context of energy, he taught me in a different way this evening. Forget arms of concrete, I’m going with lead thankyouverymuch! Arms of lead which come across and down on the person and keep them stuck there until I decide what to do with them ;). I also walked around like a cat for a bit; my imagining John who was walking in front of me as the mouse I was sneaking up on was kinda fun LOL.

Apparently my circle walking has improved! I was quite surprised by this considering I have been circle walking slacking!! I do feel much more comfortable with it now though. I was quite embarrassed that I’d forgotten the single palm change; you know the one where I did it a few hundred times a few weeks back? Yeah that one.

Then John told me he was not ironman afterall and that the strength I feel in him is his amazing Bagua super powers. So now I am on a quest to also gain amazing Bagua super powers. However I think that anyone who can put up and take down an entire set of scaffolding in one day cannot convince me that they are not strong in the physical sense.

At the end we got to do search hands. I love search hands :). It was nice gentle search hands. My shoulder is very happy it was gentle search hands. We did the sneaking up underneath palm.

At the end of class John and I tried to make the tree move. The tree was having none of it, and showed us how rooting really should be done!

Pakua and healing

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Since this is pakau.ca I thought I would call it Pakua today. I have noticed that if I call it Bagua around people who speak chinese but not much english they have no idea what I’m saying. It’s slightly embarassing lol. My attempt at Baguazhang doesn’t go over much better, even though I have had a chinese speaking friend correct me on it. Pakau Chang seems closest, kinda. Even more interesting is how they say Dong Hai Chuan… You know how you see it spelled Tung in some places, I beleive that is more the way they pronounce it. It’s all good now though, I can just point to my fancy new Bagua hoodie and say “this” ;). I also ordered a pair of custom Bagua yoga pants, with “Bagua Kicks Ass” down each leg lol. I can’t wait to wear them to class. Blogger1 suggested a Bagua on each butt cheek, but I just don’t think that would go over well lol.

So anyways, Bagua and healing…

As we all know, Bagua is most excellent for healing. Even more excellent then… well anything and everything else from what I have found! The only other thing which comes even close is funky magic stuff ;). So needless to say I try to do lots of Bagua! My health has improved drastically! If I ever forget this, my friends and teacher always remind me. I think JOhn is still a little amazed by how much healing the Bagua has brought about in me. I’m still kind of amazed that John, who most definitely makes sure we focus on the fighting aspect, was willing to train me back when I could barely stand up. I guess he had some idea of the amazing healing benefits of Bagua and thought no problem, she will be in top shape in a couple of years time :).

So I always felt as though the Bagua sort of wrings all the illness and any bad qi on out of me. Well I talked with this crazy awesome qi Bagua healing person lately (one who is actually good at it, not the usual took a weekend workshop, or spent 20 years and still suck kinda ones), and he mentioned that the circle walking does bring gunk up and out. Pretty neat. I wonder what it does for a healthy person? Perhaps it keeps any potential health problems away. John is one of the healthiest people I know, so the Bagua must be doing something. I also know someone who is 70 years old who does kung fu, who has better health and strength then most 20 year olds! There is definitely something to all this stuff. It also most definitely goes deeper then just say going to the gym, running, or other external activities.

So how does it go about this? Well there is all this spiraling qi stuff that seems to come into me, which pushes the crud out in a displacement sort of way. I tend to get the displacement thing a lot when I do any energy stuff. Also, with all that ever so awesome, and ouchy, twisting, coiling and turning, well our internal organs get a really awesome massage! Then there is all this tendon pulling and stretching… so now we have healthy tendons to go along with it :). However I also feel there is more to it then all this, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Perhaps it’s the walking through the eight trigrams one by one, clockwise and counter clockwise. We are essentially walking through what makes up reality as we know it. The Ying/Yang splitting into the four directions then the 8 gua. The preheaven Bagua, then the post heaven Bagua which is everything brought into manifestation. Each time we walk the Bagua we are manifesting something… for me it is super awesome health. For others perhaps it is super awesome strength (John told me that on a scale of 1-100 for how hard he hits me, he is at 0.0000001), for others perhaps it is amazing skills to heal others. For some I’m sure it goes into some pretty funky mystical stuff. If we keep up the practice, we are creating the outcome we want.

I have walked the circle with specific things in mind before, and had it work. Now if I put more focus into this, I’m sure it would work even better, however sometimes I figure that perhaps the Dao and the Bagua knows best how to sort things out how they should be. Also we are walking the Lo Shu, how could we not create awesome health, fortune and other good physical things while doing this? I have been walking the the Lo Shu square for long before I even knew what Bagua was, now I just walk it in a different pattern, around in an octagon/circle.

I really do look forward to what I discover newly in Bagua each month :). It is such a deep art, which is full of so many surprises. For those who say they get bored of walking the circle, I sort of wonder if they have really walked the circle? Difficult sure, but boring? I don’t think I have ever had that experience.

Don’t mess with my Bagua!!!!

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If you want to put me into a really cranky and ill tempered mood, then mess with my Bagua practice time. I had plans for a couple of hours of Bagua this evening, and said plans were ruined. I really did try my best to be as pleasant as I could around the people I was with, but I think they were likely wonder what the hell was wrong with me this evening. I did tell them, but I don’t think they understood. I don’t think most people get this pissy when their Bagua plans are interfered with. I remember once when John canceled a class, I was so PISSED!!! I never told him, since he had a good reason for canceling, but I was mad for quite a few days! lol

So after being pissed off, then I got to walk 20 blocks to the skytrain, then take the bus home… after already taking buses. I also went over budget on eating out.

I think I need to stand my ground about my budget better from now on. It’s so easy to be swayed by yummy food though.

I have no idea why missed Bagua does this to me, but it has happened before. I can’t think of much which makes me angrier. Go figure.

Counter clockwise in the morning and clockwise in the evening….

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At least I’m pretty sure I got that right…. I had asked which way was for morning and which for evening. I was tired all day and wide awake now though, so I’m wondering. However that is sort of standard for me, so who knows.

For some reason rooting while I walk is so much easier outdoors, and just doesn’t seem to work the same indoors on puzzle mats. I’m thinking of taking out the puzzle mats to see if there is any difference. The other option being to just practice outdoors all the time. However I already know how often I would practice if I did it outdoors… likely 1-2 times per week and that is it. I’m trying for 1-2 times per day; so indoors it is.

I was quite exhausted after only half an hour of practice this morning, likely due to my lack of practice for a bit there. Classes are always easier then at home practice because there is starting and stopping and easy bits, and talking bits, so even though I did 3 and 4 hour classes they weren’t as tiring as my at home practice. Or perhaps I’m just burned out from not sleeping much for a couple of weeks. Then for evening practice I did my half an hour, then did the 13 ouchies, then a bit more time with some stretches I’d learned. Oh and apparently I’m supposed to do the 13 ouchies 42 times each instead of only 8 times each. Uhm, eventually lol.

I watched the videos of myself from the lessons last week, and am so very happy I have them. It is amazing what I completely forgot! I did remember quite a bit, but had forgotten some details, and completely forgotten a couple of exercises entirely.

I also appear to have found the form that I was being taught in video format around the internet, so I’m tempted to start to try to learn that as well, once I have everything memorized that I learned so far. I would of course keep practicing what I learned, since I know from experience that Bagua just goes deeper and deeper the more you practice a particular exercise.

Btw, my shoulder is pretty screwed up, so I did the exercises…. very carefully….

So very difficult!!!

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If you have been reading my blog you know that I took a week off of Bagua! I was working 12 or more hours per day and only sleeping 4 hours per night, so needless to say it was the “fuck bagua” week lol. However I did make up for some lost time last Thursday, Friday and Sunday. While I was down in California I went to train with someone I had wanted to train with for quite some time now. They cover the more qi and esoteric side of the Bagua stuff :). I was pretty excited and nervous on day 1. However it went really well, and we agreed to work with each other. We did a 3.5 hour class, which just rocked. He went quite easy on me, likely because it was the first class so he didn’t know what all I could take. I then practiced for an hour all together after that class and the next morning. Even though it wasn’t all that physically difficult I still ended up quite sore the next morning because I had taken the week off before!

Then I trained for 3 hours on Friday, where he pushed me much harder, more towards what I’m used to. It was also awesome. It was starting to make some sense, and I was much less nervous around a new teacher I didn’t know sort of thing. It was definitely a fun experience as he could show me how to incorporate the energy into everything, as well as watch to make sure I got it right.

Then I had Saturday off. I really do wish I’d practiced much more on Saturday, but it was more like only an hour or 2 all together since I was pretty tired. It was a good day to let all of the information from the previous two days sink in, as well as practice everything I could remember, to allow more stuff to come up that we had covered. I am really glad there was a day off in between so incorporate things better.

Then on the final day, sunday, we covered a lot, so we could get done everything he had planned for me. He also video taped me doing each movement on both Fri and Sun so that I would have it to help out my memory later. I warned him about my crappy memory, but by Sunday he told me I was no longer allowed to say that. I also was not allowed to say bad things about my Bagua, because none of his students were bad at Bagua ;). I learned a LOT on Sunday, and also learned that a lot of what I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades in my other practice is very similar to what they do with their Bagua. I think I died and went to Bagua heaven that day lolol. It was a 4 hour class on Sunday, prior to the two hours of talking and healing…

Afterwards I received a qigong treatment. It is not often I will let someone do a healing on me because quite honestly most healers SUCK and so more harm then good. However after working with this teacher for 3 days I could tell that he would be good at healing. It feels as though what he did, and the parts he had me do of the healing, are still working.

Since the training I have noticed a few things, the qi is much thicker and denser, and now comes within seconds instead of minutes, or 20 minutes… I have also noticed that everything is much more difficult! Not difficult in a physical sense (I’m sure that will come in the future though) but more in the making myself do it and the being able to circle walk for more then 10 minutes in a row sense! It’s as if doing extra super awesome Bagua takes that much more effort! I’ve only added a couple of more things into my circle walking, but wow, it’s nearly impossible now! Oh well, I always love a challenge! 🙂 I think I need to learn the “motivation palm change” next.