100 days of bagua oh yeah!

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I started the 100 day challenge blogging with doing updates using my blackberry with white on white text.  It was not a good experience.  Fortunately now however I have net access again and will in fact be able to blog.

Now I don’t know if the 100 days started yesterday or today. Guess I will know in 99 says from now ;).  Perhaps another 100 days after a week off of the first 100 days.

Last night I practiced in the kickoff class. I was too trashed after that (I have some chronic health issues) to do anything more. There will be many epson salts needed since it was my first being (very gently cause I’m a wuss) thrown to the ground.  I have some serious issues with this sort of thing due to past experiences and bone density problems, so I’m glad it went so well.  However those soft cushioney looking mats?  It’s a deception, my hip, knees and cheek would disagree with the “soft” part!

Today now that the cold or flu is even worse I realized my over-training and my allowing myself to be pushed past what is good for me has been extremely detrimental to my health. I will have to make some balanced changes.

So now instead of being the most dedicated student every teacher has seen, I will go to taking it easy enough that I can recoop after each practice.

Welcome to my Baguazhang blog

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I have been practicing Bagua for nearly 5 months now. I should be a master soon right? 😉 My first Bagua class was on May 29th of this year (2010). Before this the only martial arts experience I have had was doing QiGong for a year or so, and Taichi for about 9-10 months now. Needless to say I’m a complete newbie who knows practically nothing about Bagua. However, I like to think I know lots, so I will post lots of my impressions and experiences here.

I started out taking Swimming Dragon Bagua, which is basically a form of movements that you learn. I really should have taken the beginner’s Bagua first, but the teacher allowed me to take the 2nd class in the series since I show unreasonable amounts of ambition; well that and I practice daily, which apparently it’s par for the course from what others tell me. I don’t understand the not practicing daily thing. I practice every day that I can get out of bed anyways. My health is far from perfect, so it is unimaginable for me to see someone with good health miss an opportunity to practice. If you have no trouble standing up, and practicing for half an hour to an hour doesn’t destroy your entire day for other activities, why wouldn’t you? OK so perhaps after I have been practicing martial arts for 5 or 10 years I will understand better LOL. I have however been practicing magic for 20 years now, and it has been VERY seldom I have missed a day of my regular practice. I did take a month off on three different occasions during this time though. I currently practice magic for 1-2 hours per day, and Bagua for half an hour to 2 hours per day. It all depends how I’m feeling that day, if I need to get other stuff done (too much Bagua makes me too tired to work), and so forth. If I have a Taichi or Bagua class on the same day, then my practice time is only half an hour, or on Sundays is non-existent. Each Sunday I have 3-4 hours of martial arts classes, so I take it easy.

My current class schedule is a bit busy, but I feel it is really needed to keep my health up. I really don’t feel as good during the summer and winter breaks, even though I do keep up my daily practice. I currently take 6 classes per week (including one which is personal training in Bagua), and once per week I meet with a friend who practices the same Taichi and Bagua that I do.

I will refrain from adding my teachers’ names to this blog, simply because I take a very unorthodox approach to things, speak my mind which is often politically incorrect, and thus don’t wish to make either of them look bad.

If you are wondering what Bagua is, you are really on the wrong blog, and should probably go out and get some fresh air or something. Or you can go look it up on wikipedia. It involves a great deal of circle (octagon) walking. Actually it involves so much circle walking, I sometimes wonder if that is all I will be learning!