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I have so far not been including any of my cultivation and so forth practices in my pakua blog, since most folks don’t believe it has anything to do with pakua and/or would be bored out of their minds reading it. Well the other thing is that I’m so used to doing spiritual and cultivation work that I don’t think anything of it. I guess also in the past I have been greatly discouraged from combining the two. Well lately it is becoming more and more merged with my Bagua practice :). The Bagua teacher whom I am now training with actually beleives it is essential to combine these practices and for the cultivation work as well. The school actually sees it all as one practice and can’t believe that others leave such things out of their Bagua! It was really cute one day when Sifu quite honestly had no idea that most Bagua folks don’t actually add the other stuff in! His teacher on the otherhand is quite aware of the many different practices.

So the thing is that Bagua brings up any stuff which we have not processed or worked through yet, and I mean all and any! Many (or more likely all) of the movements and practices are specifically to clear out particular channels or organs. Well they don’t tend to just clear out on their own completely, we get to help things along. The helping things along is an awesome internal practice, yet is also extremely difficult at times.

The fact that I’m also learning medical qigong as well as Daoist magic from my Sifu makes it all that more awesome…. and also all that much more difficult! The physical parts seem so easy now, just some severe muscle pain, that is all. However refining my internal self has been much more of a challenge.

So I asked Sifu what about the folks who don’t incorporate this aspect into their practice, doesn’t the Bagua still have the same affect. Apparently yes it does, they just perhaps don’t realize it is the Bagua, or they quit, or they work it out on the mats. Stuff definitely comes up with sparring and apps! Mat work is extremely humbling and can teach you a lot about yourself!

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