Full moon Bagua! ;)

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I noticed near the end of class today that the moon was full, and was a lovely golden colour.

So my student showed up today and his energy was AMAZING! He has most obviously been doing a lot of work lately and it shows. I was so incredibly happy for him. I let him know of course. He mentioned how awesome Bagua was to bring that about; I reminded him that it wouldn’t be working if he hadn’t been putting the effort in. I told him congratulations on the amount of work he has been doing :).

So of course I had to give him a couple of advanced energy exercises! 🙂 I was amazed that he didn’t get dizzy at all, and only slightly spacey a couple of times. We did some stuff to ground him back out though. Considering how much new stuff I introduced, I was quite amazed he did so well for so long. I like to push him just a little bit more each week so that he can build up… well whatever it is you build up through your Bagua training.

At one point I noticed his posture was perfect! Well or as perfect as it looked to me (newbie here) and with him wearing a jacket. At the very least it was a huge improvement over even last week.

For myself, I focused on trying to do everything low during class this evening… well low for me anyways.

Well I have to embarassingly admit that my student lasted longer in the horse stance than I did! Well I see where I need work lol. Must set good example! 😉

It’s so awesome to see when a student has been training their asses off and it shows.

For my own work recently, I’ve been taking a couple of days off of the Daoist alchemy. I had some pretty horrific dreams last night, so have to look into the cause of those. They were not your natural just sorting stuff out kind of dreams. Perhaps I attracted some negative stuff or entities while circle walking that evening.

Also the watch every single thought and emotion thing is extremely difficult, but I’m still keeping track of it. I don’t want nasty crap to manifest in my life. Sometimes though I have to admit I would just like a day off. I’m guessing though that one does not get a “day off” with this sort of training.

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