I am so humbled by the amazingness of my Sifu!

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and his Sifu as well! The fact that they have done the rituals many many times that I have done in the past week, and they survived them! I think that makes a greater martial artist than the ability to hit someone. Not that hitting someone with power and accuracy while maintaining calm isn’t also truly amazing, I just think it’s perhaps a bit easier than some of the Daoist alchemy! Or perhaps it is the Daoist alchemy which leads to the latter? Along with some physical training of course. Thoe were some of the most difficult rituals I have ever done in my life, and I’ve been doing various rituals for over 20 years!

The good news is the amazing inner peace that comes after such workings! It seems to just purge out more than contemplation, regular inner work, and contemplations!

I think my circle walking will improve now :).

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