It was both a Bagua and a medical qigong marathon this time :)

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I went down to train with my teacher again. We covered Bagua for the first week, then medical qigong for the second week. The Bagua is a bit more frustrating as we are moving along very very slowly. I know this is good for me, and how it is supposed to be taught, but it is more frustrating! At least this time I have 6 months to practice everything Sifu has given me. Each time before I only had one month each time, and it really didn’t feel long enough. I hope to be able to practice everything I have been given now, instead of leaving some stuff out. I really have been given a lifetime worth of work :).

The medical qigong course was awesome! I completed p2, and now can put MQP on my biz cards. I also made a new website, in case anyone is interested in a medical qigong treatment Vancouver medical qigong treatments It is some pretty awesome stuff.

What I really enjoy is all the crossover between Bagua, magic and medical qigong. The longer I train for, the more crossover I find. I definitely hope to stick this out another decade or two :>.

Also, my knee is nearly better. Not sure what happened, I fell on it, and it wasn’t healing at all for 2 weeks, and I could barely do Bagua (or stairs for that matter) during that time. I’m really happy that it is finally showing some improvement. I’m also happy the endorphins stopped. On a side note, Po som on is the most awesome stuff in the entire universe!!!! 🙂 If you ever have a knee injury, definitely use some. I’m even liking it better than 701 plaster now.

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