Well someone knows how to train ROFL

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Stretching, and loosening up the tendons is very important!

Sunrise keeps getting earlier and earlier!

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Though I shouldn’t complain, it hasn’t rained (that seems reserved for weekends lol), and there is no frost on the ground! The time of year when sunrise doesn’t roll around until 8am, is also the time of year when I start out practice with a down jacket.
I seem to be twisting inwards more so, woot! It’s likely one of those things where it feels like twisting in a mile more, but in reality only looks like an inch or 2 lol. Still, progress is awesome. That is the cool thing about being a newbie (again), is that the progress is kinda obvious still. My backweightedness is also improving.
I also did the 5 yin organs qigong, and a couple of the Daoist Bagua (I’ll have to look up the proper name), exercises this morning
Everyone needs long term goals, so

Nothing like runners lunges Bagua! 😀

So when do my muscles get used to this again? :D

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Though from what I recall they never did before, since if my teacher would notice that I’m able to do an exercise no problem, they would find a way to make it harder lol. I have also gotten into that habit, twist further inwards, torque more and etc.
Regardless, I am now remembering why I used to think my arms were going to fall off during circle waling, and why my legs felt like rubber.
Fortunately Bagua has enough depth to it, on many levels, that it keeps me interested, even though it’s a bit ouchy as all these muscles grow and the tendons stretch out.
Oddly enough, back when I used to go hiking a lot, and often nearly everyday, and up mountains and such, I don’t remember much pain at all generally. I guess the sore muscle thing kicks in after you hit 40, or Bagua is way harder than hiking up mountains, or both!
I’m at about 45 minutes of morning circle walking. I think I’ll only do the evening other exercises ever 2 or 3 days (for now), so I have enough time and energy and motivation to do other things. Those folks who circle walk for a few hours per day!!!!!!

Twisting and larger steps

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Was my primary focus during circle waking today. I am already twisting more inwards than I was last week :D. I still have quite a ways to go, but progress is always nice.

I also did some of the silk tendon Daoist Bagua exercises this morning.
Last night I did the 5 yin organ exercises and a few of the tendon stretching ones. I knew better than to do the 5 yin qigong that close to bedtime…. but did it anyways. Ooops LOL. Fortunately I still got to sleep at a decent hour. I did end up crawling out of bed half an hour late today though due to my later bedtime. I’ll have to get used to this getting up before sunrise stuff.

All of the Bagua stuff I have learned over the years is coming rushing back bit by bit. It’s all packed within that circle walking, just waiting to be extracted ;).

I think all my torn ligaments have finally healed!

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While the various arm positions did hurt, nothing like before. They hurt from muscle soreness, and some tending stretching, but not from injuries. Definitely a nice change :D.
I’ll go gentle on them anyways though, so they can build up strongly.
Anyways, I took 3 years off (after doing it for 7 years straight) of Bagua…… well OK what I mean is, I would practice at random, perhaps for a month at a time, then stop again, then the odd bit here and there….. so now getting back into the practice. I’m remembering things bit by bit. I’m starting from the beginning and most basic stuff, then working up slowly from there.
Today I focuses on pushing off with my heel. Of course also feet flat, and trying to turn inwards, but the main focus was the heel thing.
Apparently my twisting in to the center of the circle ability has diminished greatly LOL. Perhaps I’ll focus solely on that during an upcoming session. (with everything else running more in the background).
I haven’t looked over my notes yet really, so I’m doing this all from memory as it comes up. Which is really interesting, since at first I didn’t remember anything really, but then the act of circle walking keeps bringing up more and more memories of how it’s supposed to be done and things to add. I have remembered more than I want to add quite yet though since I’m going slowly. Trying to build a solid foundation.
I’m also trying to avoid my plethora of Bagua mistakes I made last time around :D.
I’ll start to incorporate the various neigong movements soon, but wanted to get at least a couple of weeks in before adding those. I’ll add them slowly though, since I figure until I catch back up to where I was before, that I’m pretty much starting from square one again. Can’t overload the system with too much energy and etc. at first.
I also want to add the 14 (there were 14 right?) tendon “ouchy” stretching exercises, as I think those would be really helpful in my practice.
So how is everyone else’s Bagua going?

What is the most important Bagua practice?

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Circle walking!
But aside from that?
Horse stance?
Palm changes standing still or during circle walking?
Iron body exercises?
Complete forms?
The internal movements done during everything else?
The applications?

I’m curious which of these, or perhaps some I have forgotten at this moment, folks find the most important in the training and practice?

I think personally I’m going to go with circle walking. Obviously, all of the above and much more, but if I have to choose one…

The ground is finally warm enough for bare feet Bagua :D

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Barely lol.
My feet were a little numb after circle walking today out in the grass at sunrise. I have been practicing at sunrise, since it’s much cooler at that time, which makes it easier to put more effort in :D.
PERFECT outdoor Bagua weather currently I think!
Last week it rained, not quite as perfect. Good thing for covered areas nearby, and raingear.

Oh yeah this blog; I have been busy, blogging in other areas about my spiritual/magical life instead. I went to visit Togo last year……
What has everyone else been up to?

Removed some spam and approved some comments :D

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Anytime I have been logging onto here, I have been ignoring the comments because soooo much spam! I finally got rid of all the old spam and approved a few comments today. Er comments from a year or 2 ago lol.

Do NOT do yiquan at night, ever (if you want sleep)

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I thought I’d try to remember the yiquan stuff I was taught several years back. I figured only 5-10 minutes worth wouldn’t do anything…… Ooops. Wide awake at 3am still!!!

Jogging the memory

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Tonight after doing some Daoist Bagua (for lack of a more specific exact name for it), I thought I would try and see how much of the Cheng style form I remembered. Er, not much lolol. I remembered all the static palms of course, but those turn arounds… well… uhm… lol (Sorry John lolol). I likely have a video of myself doing them, somewhere, on a hard drive.

You would think if you have done something 1000 times you might remember it? Not so much. Yes I know my memory isn’t the best, but also my friend with a super awesome martial arts memory has forgotten them as well (last we talked about it).

Well, there is nothing wrong with static palms!

I had better make sure I keep up the Jiang rong quo (sp?) form so I don’t forget all of that either.

Well at least circle walking, I can remember how to do that! Twist into the center, twist more into the center, even more. Torque arms, torque them even more. Move from ldt. See that sort of thing I can remember. But where my darn arms go when turning and twisting around, not so much.