Some yiquan zhang zhong this morning

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I got up a bit late today, but it’s a Saturday so was still able to practice without anyone around.

I apparently overdid things on Friday or something, because halfway through the day my calf muscle was so sore I could barely walk. So today I tested it a bit, but had to forgo the circle walking. Fortunately I had many other Bagua exercises to do instead. I did all of the standing still Bagua and Neigong movements. And some Yiquan Zhang Zhong. It all still took 45 minutes though, even without the circle walking. Then after I got back home, I got in some, not very low yet, horse stance. Think I made it to an entire 60 seconds ROFL.

As I’m remembering how to do, and adding more and more Bagua to my morning routine, I see that I’m going to have to figure out some scheduling or something… perhaps an evening session, of the bits which don’t make me more wide awake. Or perhaps little bits here and there throughout the day.

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