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I have been leaving my tendons out a bit! I have been focusing on twisting and turning, but not nearly enough. Also I hadn’t remembered to stretch and elongate everything. So today, it was a tendon focus kinda morning.

Now here’s something I didn’t quite catch onto before. I was reading some stuff by Jerry Alan Johnson, and he mentioned that with tendon stretching and twisting during qigong etc. practice that it shouldn’t hurt to only hold it for 20 minutes, and that if it does hurt, you are using the muscle instead of the tendon. So I tried with different angles today to try to get the focus more on the tendon and less on the muscles.

I also remembered the kua focus a bit, and will have to look at my notes as well as the Bagua songs to jog my memory on this better.

This morning I did the 5 yin organ exercises, dredging the channels, trembling horse, some of the Bagua stationary exercises, some pre-heaven circle walking, then the Cheng circle walking.

Oh yeah, and I practiced yesterday as well.

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