The Daoist alchemy part of Bagua makes the physical parts seem easy!

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Some of the homework I have been doing lately makes those silly broken bones and torn ligaments, the torturous horse stance, and the lower circle walking seem easy in comparison! Well anyone reading this who does Bagua knows full well that none of the above are easy in any sense of the word (well OK maybe if you are 20 years old and in top physical condition), so you get the idea. However the alchemical homework is worth the difficulty and work as it really does help clear things out… everything from meridians to one’s deep internal self. Not that I haven’t been clearing crap out for over 20 years, but the Daoist folks, they just have a few more tools to finally and fully get rid of stuff. It is rather difficult work though!

Aside from that, getting up out of chairs or bed has been a lot more difficult lately! Apparently I’m growing some leg muscles. My legs are currently wondering why I insist on walking lower these days; they felt that walking in a pretty much upright position was just fine!

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